The Good Stuff #7


I'm still hung up for the holidays, and who isn't?  The chilly January weather makes me crave for coffee and sweet dessert (aside from sleep) any time of the day! Let me share with you some of the good stuff I discovered while on a 2-week Christmas break last year.  I can't believe I had so much sweets(!), but all were in eaten in moderation naman  =) ... READ MORE

Enjoying Life’s Little Pleasures at Magnum Manila


Would you believe that AJ and I visited Magnum Cafe 3x last month?  Parang sabik lang sa ice cream, ano?  Hehe! The first time we were there, we tried not only their celebrated dessert menu but their savory dishes as well.  I felt like being transported to one of the scenes in Chocolat, where Vianne prepared a full course menu for Armande's birthday, and there ... READ MORE

Things that occupy my mind lately


A lot of things have been occupying my mind lately, which left me feeling exhausted these past few days (hence the absence of blog updates). First, there's this wonderful proposal to partner up in a business that I am very much interested in - jewelry.  In fact, I already have a  business plan for it, ready to be discussed with my interested partner.  It will be an online ... READ MORE

The Good Stuff #5


It's high time I update this list!  There's been a lot of food discoveries these past months and I'm excited to share them all with you. Without further ado, here's list #5 and it's all about FOOD! New Zealand Natural Premium Ice Cream (at Glorietta).  What's not to love about this ice cream? It has no artificial flavoring and coloring.   It comes in a wide variety of ... READ MORE

A Birthday Celebration at The Ranch Resort and Farm


My sister-in-law Juvvy, of the Mommy Juvs blog, finally wrote about my nephew's 3rd birthday celebration last year (read her kwento here).  This reminded me that I have some photos from that trip as well which I haven't shared with you yet. Here goes my very belated post about my trip to Cebu in October last year: Because Liam loves swimming pools and animals, his parents ... READ MORE

Another Ice Cream Party


There's something about Wednesday that makes me feel so worn out, and all I could think of right now is ice cream! Which reminds me, I forgot to share with you the little ice cream party I organized (with my sis-in-law) for my nephew's 3rd birthday last month. I wrote all about it in my sis-in-law's blog, so do check it out  =) Hmmm... Nothing would me make ... READ MORE

Our Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Ice Cream Party


I had so much fun with our DIY tea party at home last year - the preparations and all - so I promised myself I'll do another small party this year.  My good friend (and also my kumare), Chel, suggested that we hold an Ice Cream Party at home.  That was some months ago but we were able to finalize the date only last July during our trip to Gourmet Farms.  The ice cream party was ... READ MORE

Ritual: An Organic Grocery Store


AJ and I were at The Collective again last Friday (after my work)  for a repeat meal at Wingman.  This time, we were  in the company of my cousin, Mae Anne and my second mommy, Mommy Caro, who is also one of our wedding Ninangs. Here they are  getting ready to devour the chicken wings! We had a big, big dinner at Wingman.  We ordered 2 dozens of  chicken wings, a salad, 2 ... READ MORE