Christmas Home Decors at The Landmark


It's that time of the year again! Christmas trees are now on display at the Landmark and they're all so festive! My favorite is the one decked with polyresin figurines of Santa Claus, angels and snowmen: Up close: I found the wooden carousels as ornaments in another Christmas tree.  It comes in pack of 6's and costs only ... READ MORE

Decorative Trays at the Landmark


While I have successfully avoided the lure of shopping at the home section of H&M, at Pottery Barn, West Elm, and Crate & Barrel, I could not stick to that "self-control" whenever I am at the Home Section of the Landmark Department Store. It doesn't help too that they are selling decorative trays that are so "in" these days, and if you love anything decoupage then ... READ MORE

Shabby Chic Cake Stands at The Landmark


Just sharing with you these pretty cake stands I saw at the Home Section of The Landmark Department Store last week.  The words "Shabby Chic" and "Patisserie" came to mind when I saw them. Prices range from Php300.00 to Php800.00, depending on the size and type.  I like those with wired metal dome covers better. I was super tempted to get the one with ... READ MORE

The Good Stuff #7


I'm still hung up for the holidays, and who isn't?  The chilly January weather makes me crave for coffee and sweet dessert (aside from sleep) any time of the day! Let me share with you some of the good stuff I discovered while on a 2-week Christmas break last year.  I can't believe I had so much sweets(!), but all were in eaten in moderation naman  =) ... READ MORE

Christmas Gift Ideas at The Landmark (Year 2)


Just in case you are not finished yet with your Christmas shopping, and you don't have time anymore to look at bazaars for unique and affordable gift items, then check out The Landmark Department store in Makati for their myriad, pretty and really affordable gift items. Here are just some of the "few" items I spotted last weekend at the Home Section (4th floor) - with prices ... READ MORE

Roast Pork Tenderloin


Another cooking milestone for me:  baking my first roast pork using just 5 ingredients:  pork tenderloin, 2 kinds of seasonings, olive oil and salted butter!  My pegs were Patricia and Ree's roast beef recipes, but I used pork tenderloin instead of beef. Ree used Lawry's Seasoned Salt and McCormick's Lemon and Pepper seasoning salt as meat spice rub. I tried to look for ... READ MORE

The Good Stuff #3


Haven't done this in a while.  The past weeks have been full of random food and shopping discoveries, as you can very well see in my Instagram album.   And now that I can sit back and relax a bit from work (I survived the budgeting session, yey!), I can finally write about them. So here is it, the 3rd list of all the good stuff worth sharing with you all: Mini-Lego ... READ MORE

Holiday Gift Idea for Kids: Breakfast Bowl Bouquet


These pretty ceramic bowls 'bowled me' over when I saw them at the Landmark some weeks ago.  They're cute, sturdy, and very, very cheap at P25.00 each! Last Saturday, I worked on a gift idea using this bowl by arranging inside it the following: individually packed cereal, tetra pak milk, raisins, cookies and spoon and fork wrapped in a colorful napkin.  The result is a ... READ MORE