A Spooky Halloween


Our office had its annual trick or treat last week, and I think a lot more kids were spooked this time because there were far more eerie decors set up and some even looked real, pati ako nagugulat! For this year, our group decided to put together ghosts, bats, giant spiders and skulls in a graveyard setting.  The creative team (hi Ricky, Jen, Myrna and Rhea!) made most, if ... READ MORE

All About You at EverydayMe.Com.Ph


I never thought I'll be a fan of e-zines (referring to small magazines and newsletters distributed online) until my cousin introduced me to the Flipboard app.  Since then, I've downloaded and bookmarked in both my mobile phone and laptop the following news magazines:  Rappler, BBC News and Time Magazine. Whereas my choices for news magazines are wide and varied, I find that ... READ MORE

Big Ideas from Wilcon Depot


Yey, it's payday Friday!  I've just finished working on our budget envelopes and there's a few cash left that I can use for shopping, hehe! This also means that I can go back na to Wilcon Depot to finish my interrupted shopping hehe! If you will recall, I was invited to the bloggers' engagement 2 Saturdays ago by American Standard to learn about their newest ... READ MORE

Elegance is Timeless with American Standard’s Luxe and Style Collection


I was invited by American Standard to the Luxe and Style Blogger Engagement last Saturday (July 19) and thanks to my angels - Ross and Mimi - I did not only make it to the event, but I had a super great time too! I am not new to the American Standard brand of toilet bowls and wash basin (or 'water closet', as they are collectively called) because I have personally ... READ MORE

I’m in Good Housekeeping Philippines


Can't wait to share with you this exciting news I've been keeping under wraps since April:  I wrote an article for Good Housekeeping Philippines and got published! The team behind Good Housekeeping Philippines read my blog posts about insurance (read my two-part posts here and here), and with the kind referral of Frances (of the popular blogs Topaz Horizon and Topaz ... READ MORE

How to make Mommies Uber Happy this Mother’s Day


It’s Mother's Day on Sunday and I haven't got a gift for my mom yet! The universe must have felt my panic because today, I read that Uber Philippines (which I've featured in this post) has partnered with SMART Communications, Inc. for the first-ever on-demand campaign in Manila to celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 11! Press Release: MANILA, Philippines [09 MAY ... READ MORE

Uber Manila: Everyone’s Private Driver


For some months now, I've been trying to install the GrabTaxi app in my Xperia smartphone but the installation process would always conk out in the middle that I never got to finish it. This taxi booking app is supposed to be the answer to my katamaran to commute to and from work through public transport (i.e. PUJs).  You see, I don't drive and I don't want to learn how to.  ... READ MORE

ZAP Crawl @ Greenhills


Something amazing happened to me and AJ last Saturday: we got ZAPped! That is, we found ourselves "zapped" at instantaneous events with our fellow bloggers on that memorable Saturday evening, I'm talking about the ZAP Crawl: Greenhills merchant tour that The Bright Spot got invited to.  Sponsored by ZAP Philippines, selected lifestyle and food bloggers were taken around ... READ MORE