An Afternoon of Stationery and Cupcakes


After months of searching, I finally found available Cath Kidston paper products at National Bookstore today! Saw these at their branch in Rockwell Powerplant, but I'm not sure if they're available in their other stores as well: But guess what?  I surprised myself by not buying anything!  Nalula kse ako sa prices nila.  I can't find one that costs less ... READ MORE

The Good Stuff #5


It's high time I update this list!  There's been a lot of food discoveries these past months and I'm excited to share them all with you. Without further ado, here's list #5 and it's all about FOOD! New Zealand Natural Premium Ice Cream (at Glorietta).  What's not to love about this ice cream? It has no artificial flavoring and coloring.   It comes in a wide variety of ... READ MORE

Food Post: Franco’s at Rockwell Powerplant


AJ and I are big fans of Myron's Steak. We preferred dining at their Rockwell Branch (over the one at Greenbelt) because of its cozy ambiance and formal look that made it perfect for dinner dates.   We had planned on having dinner there sometime in October last year (because I miss their Chicken Inasal already!) when I remembered that a new restaurant has replaced Myron's na ... READ MORE

An Orange Christmas at Rockwell Powerplant


Just when I thought that Rockwell Powerplant Mall in Makati will again shine in red and sparkling gold garlands this holiday season (just like it did in 2011 and 2012), it surprised me with a totally new color theme this year: Orange! Rockwell Powerplant's Christmas Tree.  Always a sight to behold. The garlands, as seen up close: Notice that they used ... READ MORE

Weekend Shopping + Food Trip


If you're following me at Instagram (I am @dbrightspot there), then you've probably observed how sipag I was in updating it since yesterday.  That's because I was able to visit my favorite shopping places this weekend and I went home very happy with my loot! This time around, I didn't buy much for myself.  I shopped mostly for Christmas gifts.  My goal is to finish 80% of ... READ MORE

The Good Stuff #2


It really delights me to know that most of you here share my love for food, washi tapes, DIY projects, travels and even jewelry!  That's why I wrote  "The Good Stuff"  last February.  It's meant to be a regular feature here in The Bright Spot, wherein you'll see my random food and shopping discoveries.   Or rather, those that I forgot to make detailed kwento about. So here ... READ MORE

Shabby Chic Haven at Fab Manila


Am sure a lot of you have heard of Fab Manila, a happy place for those who like anything shabby chic, like me  =) Here's their shop at Rockwell Powerplant Mall: Lots of Paper Chic Studio products here!  I immediately spotted their signature paper straws, paper bags and wooden spoons which are prominently displayed here. They're also selling washi tapes at ... READ MORE

Pylones @ Rockwell Makati


There's a new store at Rockwell Makati - Pylones - which is impossible to miss because of their eye-candy items on display  =) Founded in France in 1985, Pylones (pronounced pea-lone), delights consumers everywhere with thoughtful designs and innovative twists on everyday objects. Pylones shops are renowned for their ingenious window displays and a festive environment ... READ MORE