Back from the Blogging Hiatus


Hello, everyone! I’m back from the blogging hiatus to say I’m still here and that I missed you all (naks!). Things got really busy at work and at home last December, that I was able to publish only one (1) blog post (Day 4 of our Tokyo trip).  I also skipped documenting all the holiday happenings here in the blog, something I was used to doing in the past years. Instead, ... READ MORE

‘Spicy Mexican Chicken’


This is what my 4-year-old nephew, "Chef Liam", called the dish he cooked for us last weekend, when I made a surprise visit to Cebu: He's into a lot of things these days, cooking included.  Nainggit ako sa cooking tools nya - complete set talaga!   My favorite part of our play time was the "Cooking Show with Liam", where I would play the "program host" while he is the ... READ MORE

Sunshine Blogger Award (Part 1)


This is so sweet! I was tagged with the "Sunshine Blogger" Award by 2 bloggers (that I also stalk):  Ann of The Adventures and Misadventures of Mrs. Panda and Helene of Mrs.MommyHolic. Thank you so much, ladies!  Your questions are so cool, pang-slum book ang peg hehe!    I enjoyed reading and answering them, and sa aliw ko I decided to put some pictures in between ... READ MORE

Winner of the Photobook Give Away!


As promised, I'm announcing today the winner of the Photobook voucher I am giving away last week - to one (1) lucky reader of The Bright Spot! The voucher is for an 11×8.5 Medium Landscape Imagewrap photobook from Photobook Philippines, which I personally bought in 2010. But before I make the announcement, konting kwento muna about my supposedly 'short' working trip ... READ MORE

Coming Up Roses


And just like that, March is over. I am grateful to have survived the 1st quarter of the year in good state, save for the bad flu I caught (with AJ) a week ago and made me miss 1 day of work. Overall, it's been a month full of surprises for me - both at work and here at The Bright Spot.  The announcement at work still surprised me even though I knew about it for months ... READ MORE

Taking a short break…


Hello, friends! I am supposed to write tonight the continuation of our sumptuous luncheon at Ogetsu Hime some weeks ago (read the first part of my food post here) but I am very much distracted with the work I took home (didn't realize it was plenty!) so the second part will come out later this week instead.  I am already halfway done with the office reports in my to-do list ... READ MORE

2014 is the Year of the Wood Horse and of Living Smartly

Wooden Horse display at The Ranch in Toledo, Cebu

Kiong hee huat tsai! So how did you spend the Chinese New Year?  We are not Chinese but we celebrated the occasion with pancit for dinner.   There's supposed to be pizza as well from S&R but the line was long and we couldn't wait 45 minutes for that.  Anyway, the home-cooked pancit and hot pandesal were more than enough for us here (that includes me, AJ, my parents and ... READ MORE

Saturday musings on life…


Just wanna share with you this quote from Paolo Coehlo, one of my favorite authors, about life: Beautiful, isn't it? The letters were hand-stamped by yours truly, thus the unevenness  =) Have a nice weekend everyone!   ... READ MORE