Bespoke Monogram Pendant


Monogram pendants are popular nowadays not just because it's cool to wear something with your initial or initials on it, but because there's something special about wearing something that defines you. My partner jeweler and I were supposed to launch last year some monogram pendants as part of our catalog, but with other jewelry sellers offering more designs at more ... READ MORE

Paint the Town Ruby Red


Valentine's is just two weeks away!  If you're thinking of something precious and red to give to your sweetheart (or to yourself, ladies), then these fresh ruby gems from our jewelry box may just be the right one for you. Oval-Cut Rubies with Pave Diamonds in 14k White Gold  |  9.90 cts. rubies and 1.13 cts. diamonds (75 pieces) Emerald-Cut Rubies ... READ MORE

Sapphire: The September Birthstone


Finally found an opportune moment to feature the newest addition to my jewelry box: the Oval Blue Sapphire and Diamond Micropavé Ring that I asked my partner jeweler to make for me.   It's always been my wish to own a blue oval sapphire ring (even though my birth month is February, not September), and thanks to some earnings I got from blogging (and my mid-year ... READ MORE

The Yellow Energy that is Citrine


We were at Greenhills last weekend, and I couldn't take my eyes off these high-quality, authentic citrine bracelets being sold at my favorite feng shui shop, Bensani Charms: I took photos of the bracelets using my phone (Lenovo K900) and I think I wasn't able to adjust the settings 'cos the citrine beads ended up in deep shade of golden yellow - almost like amber.  In ... READ MORE

Swiss Blue Topaz


I'm quite enjoying the chilly December-like weather we are having right now so I decided to feature this jewelry piece I'm actually reserving for December, highlighting that month's precious gemstone: blue topaz. Blue topaz comes in various hues of blue: from naturally light to greenish blue to sky blue to ocean blue to royal blue.  But here's what you should know: deeper ... READ MORE

Flash Sale: Our Lady of Perpetual Help Enamel Pendant


Remember the enamel pendants I purchased last year?  I have been receiving requests for another group buy and I am beyond flattered for these.  But since I took on a new job responsibility last January, my work schedule has been taking most of my free time that I could not find time for it anymore (boo!). So allow me to make bawi to some of you who have been looking forward ... READ MORE

Blue Sapphire: A Gemstone of Love


From the Diamond-Jewelry-Pedia: "The "Celestial" Sapphire - symbol of the heavens, is said to guarantee good health, innocence, truth, and preserver of chastity. It is the birthstone of September and its name is derived from the Latin word "Sapphirus" meaning blue. This gem has been known since the ancient times. There was a belief that Earth is set on this gemstone, ... READ MORE

Maleficent’s Fire


The green fire of Maleficent inspired the creation of this jewelry setting using beautiful Biron emeralds (check out my first emerald jewelry feature HERE). The idea was to create a jewelry setting inspired by Maleficent (Angelina Jolie's version).  It has to display power, fierce, drama and flamboyance - Maleficent's defining characteristics.  Big Biron emeralds ... READ MORE