I’m in Good Housekeeping Philippines


Can't wait to share with you this exciting news I've been keeping under wraps since April:  I wrote an article for Good Housekeeping Philippines and got published! The team behind Good Housekeeping Philippines read my blog posts about insurance (read my two-part posts here and here), and with the kind referral of Frances (of the popular blogs Topaz Horizon and Topaz ... READ MORE

How I Shopped for My Insurance Plans


Note:  This is the continuation of my post about life insurance (read the first installment HERE), as part of my personal advocacy to promote awareness in investing for your future.   ******************************** Just a week ago, I was sorting out the bills and receipts for the different insurance plans AJ and I have, and I realized that the aggregate amount of insurance ... READ MORE

Life Insurance is a Liquid Investment


I bought my first life insurance policy when I was 22.  I have to credit my parents for instilling in me (and my brother) at an early age the importance of saving money for the future, and  investing in life insurance.   When I received my first paycheck from my second (and more stable) job, I asked my mom to set me an appointment with our insurance agent from Insular Life (who ... READ MORE

Sunlife Maxilink Prime

I invest a lot in insurance (aside from jewelry, that is).   It's a form of "forced saving" for me and I like it that insurance products nowadays have more "living" than "death" benefits.   This means that there are benefits you can enjoy while you are living, unlike traditional insurance products before where only your beneficiaries will benefit from it. Just recently I ... READ MORE

Valuing Health and Insurance

After what happened to my cousin last Tuesday, I became all the more resolved that I will not waver in paying my insurance premiums and ensure that my office health insurance card is always in my wallet. You see, my cousin did not have a health card or a personal accident insurance at the time of her accident.  She just started work at her office and you know how it is in ... READ MORE