Exploring Kyoto + Osaka, the DIY Way (Day 4)


Our last 2 days in Osaka were spent as follows: Day 4 (Monday): Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan Universal Studios Japan (3:00 p.m. onwards) Day 5: (Tuesday) Universal Studios Japan (whole day) Some budget tips for Universal Studios Japan: I am a big Harry Potter fan and habang nag-iipon pa ako ng pamasahe for London and for the Harry Potter Studio Tour, I ... READ MORE

Holiday Gift Guide for Tween Girls


Don't you love it when you see two or more items inside your gift box?  Not only do I find that extra thoughtful of the giver; I also appreciate the effort that goes with picking which items go together and making sure that the recipient will like everything. Last Christmas, I tried putting together some bath items and packed them as Christmas goodies for my office ... READ MORE