The World of Toyota (Part 1)


Note:  It's the hubby's turn to write something for The Bright Spot   =)    For the longest time, I've been prodding him to start a blog because not only does he writes too well, but he can talk about anything you throw at him: be it about computers, cars, books, video games, movies or food - he'll always have something to share!  Also, his "hirits" are priceless!   I'm ... READ MORE

A Worry Free Afternoon at Nestlé Acti-V Go Lounge


What a stressful day I had today at the office, and it's only Tuesday! July is actually the busiest month at work because: It is the month where mid-year performance reports are due for submission to the management; July also signals the start of strategic planning preparations (read: whole day meetings, ack!); and, It is also the month where we start preparing our ... READ MORE