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I had so many things planned out today because it’s a holiday (Eid al-Adha).  I wanted to officially start wrapping Christmas gifts (can’t wait to use all those washi tapes I’ve collected these past months!) and prepare the stuff I’ll bring to Cebu this Friday for my nephew’s 3rd birthday but, while having my late breakfast this morning, I read about the strong earthquake that rocked Bohol and the major cities in Cebu early today.  I panicked of course, because my brother and his family lives in Cebu.

Thank God they are all okay – he and Juvvy actually went to work pa today but after the strong quake, Juvvy immediately headed back home.  My nephew, Liam, did not cry but asked what was happening.  Brave boy, my Liam!

Aftershocks are still being felt by them, and I hope by Friday wala na at baka ako mauna pa ako lumabas ng bahay kaysa sa kanila.

Anyway, I decided to postpone the gift wrapping to next week, and monitored the news instead.  But I realized that I haven’t bought a gift yet for Liam, and remembering how much he likes receiving books (check out Liam’s top 10 favorite books here), I went to Booksale at Makati Cinema Square.  It’s a good thing I did because there were so few people shopping and what’s more, Christmas books are out!

Check out my fab finds below:

These Christmas books are perfect to display at home during the holidays.  I’m sure the guests will love browsing through pages and pages of the classic and lovable Peanuts characters.  The little blue book is just P50.00 while the bigger red book (in fabric cover, by the way) is just P55.00.


Check out the glossy and colored pages inside.  Lovely!






For Liam, I got him this equally classic Christmas book: The Polar Express.  I  actually find the book better than the movie adaptation.


The book comes with a CD containing the recording of the text being read.  No less than Liam Neeson read the story of The Polar Express.   Perfect talaga for Liam!


My nephew has this interesting affinity for bugs and insects so I got him this other Christmas book with insects and butterflies in the pages inside.  I hope he’ll like it!





And because Liam is now learning how to write, I also got him this:


Take the challenge, Mommy Juvs!


I spotted these drawing tutorial books which kids can re-use many times over because the pen required for drawing in the pages inside is a whiteboard pen, which can be easily wiped clean with any tissue or cloth.  Less than P60 each.  Great buy!


I also found the perfect book gift for my inaanak, Maxine, who loves to draw!




These illustrated books (i.e. comics) are perfect for introducing kids to classic novels.


Learning multiplication is a tad easier with this activity book that’s filled with illustrated problems and stickers to boot!   How creative.  Kids are so lucky these days!



I got something for Liam’s mom too, who loves to bake.  I’m sure Juvvy (or Mommy Juvs) will delight in this cookbook full of recipes for Christmas sweet treats!


I had a great time shopping at Booksale!  I’m glad I went there alone so I was able to rummage through the shelves and shelves of bargain books without AJ waiting for me, hehe!  And because I bought this much books, I was given a 5% discount in all my purchases!  Happy!

Looking for more book gift ideas?  Check out my previous post about holiday book gifts.

Only 70 days to go before Christmas!    Remember…



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  1. Denise says

    I love them all! 🙂 Seems like you spent many hours in Booksale. Hehe.. I am sure Max will love the “How to Draw” book! How come I do not get to buy a lot there?

    • says

      Less than an hour lang naman hehe! I took my sweet time cos wala ako kasama hihi! You really must have a lot of time there eh. Inisa-isa ko talaga yung books. And since they don’t have baskets, I used my foldable bag to put the books in para makakuha hehe!

    • says

      Dens, need patience kasi dun.. Nakakainis pa dito sa Cebu masikip sobra ang Booksale tas ang Kid’s books super siksikan.. 🙁 but am always able to spend at least 300 per visit!! wah!!
      See you guys soon. hope to meet Rainey this Xmas. 🙂

  2. says

    Late reply na ko.. Books with us na. hehe.. We haven’t actually get into reading the books pa, but we will tonight.. medyo engrossed pa sya sa ebook i downloaded for him.. I’ve browsed thru the recipe’s and will try some this holidays.. 🙂
    naku, challenge nga ang writing, we started it this morning.. and.. hmmm.. I need all the luck in the world!! hahaha..
    Thanks again for the gifts and for the party prep and most especially for spending time with us on Liam’s special day! MWAH!! 🙂

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