Shrimp Fried Dumplings for Dinner

This is what I had for dinner tonight:Sweet and Sour Shrimp Dumplings with Fried Rice at Luk YuenPeso Power:  P165.00This is so sulit (value for money!).   The crispiness of  the shrimp dumplings are just right and they taste so good, even without the sweet and sour sauce.This is a dish that easily turns into a comfort food because it is flavorful and ... READ MORE

Earthquake in Myanmar = Super Moon?

The news this morning was about the 7.0 magnitude earthquake the struck Myanmar (formerly known as "Burma").   Some astrologers related the incident to the March 24 Super Moon window where it is said that powerful natural disasters (typhoons, earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions) are to occur.  You can read ... READ MORE

DIY Table Napkin Holders

Our venue set-up is going to be simple.   We chose the simplest and yet elegant table setting from Hizon's portfolio. Here's how each table is going to be made up: To put a personal touch on this, I requested Hizon's to just fold the table napkins into rectangles (like you normally see in hotels) and to place it in a table napkin holder that I personally ... READ MORE

Pearls and Weddings

We Filipinos believe that pearls should not be a part of your wedding.  Pearls, according to our culture, symbolizes tears, and a bride wearing pearls on her wedding day will encounter many sad (and crying) moments in her married life.  If only there is no such superstition here, I will gladly wear pearls on my wedding.  I just love pearls!Unlike other ... READ MORE

Customized Chocolate from Sophia’s Chocolat

I read about Sophia's Chocolat from w@w.   All feedbacks about their chocolate products were good, so AJ and I got them to do customized chocolates which we will give to our guests as prizes.We initially wanted chocolate letters of "DL" like this (white for the "D" and brown for the "L"):But after inquiring from Ms. ... READ MORE

Nice to Have: Cath Kidston Bags

My current fave at the moment are the colorful and playful Cath Kidston bags.Here are the two (2) bags that I hope to have soon:Bunch Flowers Day BagSpray Flowers Mini SaddleCath Kidston bags are not yet distributed locally, although the bag hag sells some of these at her Accessory Lab botique in Rockwell, Makati. ... READ MORE

Hotel Celeste

I will have my wedding preparations at Hotel Celeste in Makati.This quiant, little hotel is located in the former site of Mars Disco along Jupiter Street, Makati.   Honestly, I did not know that there's a hotel standing in there already until my friend told me about it.  We did an ocular of the hotel sometime in September last year and instantly ... READ MORE

Entourage Cards

I am sharing with you the Entourage Cards I made last year for my female entourage (secondary sponsors only, no bridesmaids). I made them out of different kinds of papers in the shades of pistachio green and ivory white.    I think they're cute even in their simplest form. The Entourage Card not only served as a "save-the-date" card for my secondary sponsors but also ... READ MORE