My 2 weeks with Liam

My brother relayed this very happy news about Liam today: he was awarded an Academic Award during his Moving Up Day!  Congrats, dear Liam!


Which reminds me, I wasn’t able to tell you much about their 2-weeks visit here (they spent the Holy Week with us).  I was amazed at how fast Liam has grown.  At his age (2 years old), he can put words together very well.  He also talks a lot.  And he runs a lot too.  As in!  He has  memorized all nooks at my parents’ home (where they stayed) so when you hide from him he’ll know where to find you.

I know he has lots of toys at my parents’ home already but I could not resist buying him some new ones (I justified these by calling them my “Welcome Back, Liam!” gifts).  One of my Instagram friends, Annie (look her up at @annieloveschi), sells really nice Ikea toys and I found 2 cute toys that are perfect for Liam.

Klappar Cirkus Finger Puppets.    Liam loves story telling activities and I thought that he’ll like to do a make-believe play or story about these circus characters.

klappar-cirkus-piece-fingerpuppets-w-accessories__0120556_PE277219_S4I also found this Duktig Toolbelt with Soft Toys cute and perfect for this little boy who likes tinkering with anything.


Here’s an action picture of the toys on Liam:


Fixing his Lolo’s lazy boy (he’s holding the screwdriver wrong hehe!).


We also took him to Antipolo for our Station of the Cross reading.  The little boy must have missed rough playing so much he made himself comfortable in this cement floor at the Pasalubong Center where we bought cashew nuts from Menggay.  Ain’t the look on his face priceless?


Then the week after that, I took some time off from work so we could take Liam to the arcades.  We brought him at Tom’s World and Timezone, both in SM Mall of Asia.


Liam  loved the arcade driving machines best and you couldn’t part him with steering wheel.  But he eventually got “sawa” over those so  now I have these  unused tokens and Powercard load, enough for another round at the arcades (let’s go, AJ!).

But the moments I enjoyed most with Liam were those spent looking at the pictures in my phone.  He knows which are food and he even identifies them.   I had a good laugh when Liam saw this picture of Starbucks’ Strawberry Granola Yogurt Cheesecake and he said: “Ninang, Pizza!”  So cute hehe!


It was a memorable 2 weeks with my nephew/godson who has since gone back to Cebu with his parents.  I won’t be seeing him again until Christmas, but I am praying that my work will take me to Cebu one of these days.

Miss you, Liam!


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