Fort San Pedro

Fort San Pedro is to Cebu as Fort Santiago is to Manila.   It was built in 1738 and served mainly as a military defense structure, first by the Spaniards against Muslim raiders, and later by the Filipino revolutionaries against their Spanish conquerors.  At present, Fort San Pedro is being maintained as a historical park, while part of it has been turned into a museum with ... READ MORE

Cebu’s Taoist Temple

The Taoist Temple in Cebu City is easily one of the places that you will love to take pictures of - with its colorful temples, structures and oriental figurines that clearly showcase the best in Chinese architecture.   It's actually not just one temple (as its name suggests), but a number of temples nestled inside a wealthy subdivision named Beverly Hills.   It is the center of ... READ MORE

A Very Old House in Cebu

Despite being a highly urbanized city, Cebu City nurtures one of the oldest ancestral homes in the Philippines, and perhaps the oldest Chinese home outside China.    AJ and I were able to visit this quiant ancestral house last Easter Sunday and, being the only visitors at that time, it felt more like a private tour! Welcome to the Yap-San Diego Ancestral House/Museum. You ... READ MORE

Dream Native Resort, Bohol

This was the resort hotel we stayed at in Bohol for 1 night.  My brother booked it for all of us.  It was very price-y in my standards (around P7,000 per night), but since our travel coincided with the peak season, I didn't mind that at first. We were served welcome drinks of artificially-flavored juices.   The owner was Italian I think, judging from his books displayed at the ... READ MORE

Bohol Bee Farm

I've read a lot of good feedback about the organic food at Bohol Bee Farm, and nothing much about the "bee farm" itself hehe!    But that's okay, I don't think I'll enjoy the farm tour too because by the time we got there it's past lunch and we're hungry so all we could think of was food! Without much ado, let me show you what we had and my usual satisfaction rating (with 5 ... READ MORE

Goodnight Cebu, Hello Bohol

AJ and I chose to have night flight out from Manila to Cebu last Thursday because of the long lenten break and we wanted to avoid the traffic and the long line at the airport. There was no traffic or line at the airport at all.  NAIA Terminal 2 looked almost deserted with very few people waiting for their flights. We traveled light. I always bring a book with ... READ MORE

10 Things I miss about Cebu/Bohol

Happy Easter, everyone!   I hope you all had a nice and meaningful lenten break last week. AJ and I got back from Cebu yesterday and it's only now that we are feeling the exhaustion from all the traveling that we did while in Cebu and Bohol.    So I took a day off from work today to rest and recharge for longer office hours that I will be having starting this week - what ... READ MORE

Off to the Pearl of the South

AJ and I will fly off to Cebu later to spend the Holy Week there.   I've finished packing this morning.   I love, love my colorful Cath Kidston bags!   The bag stroller was bought at the Landmark for just P350.00.    Why didn't I thought of this before?  Now we don't have to worry about carrying the travel bag (I realized how physically taxing it was when I brought it with me ... READ MORE