Wedding Hair Styles

When I had my trial make-up with Chichi last year, her assistant, Steph styled my hair like this:The back curls is pretty but I think it looks messy.I am leaning towards a "clean bun" look now and is thinking if the following hairstyles will look good on me:Hairstyle # 1 is worn by Jessica Alba.  I like this but problem is, my hair does not have the right ... READ MORE

Photo Wall

We initially wanted a photobooth for the guests and have, in fact, booked one last year. Then I saw this:.. And this... And also this... I casually emailed these DIY photowall pictures to my sis-in-law who fell hard in love with them as I did. Imagine my surprise when she told me that she's going to gift me and AJ with our own photo wall for the  ... READ MORE

2 months to go…

Tomorrow is March 28, 2011, exactly 2 months before our big day!Gosh, I suddenly went cramming over our check list to see what else needs to be done.   Let's do a run-down, shall we?1.  Church RequirementsDone.  All documents submitted to Don Bosco early this month.  Will just complete the payment and get the readings needed for the misallette.  ... READ MORE

Wedding Nice to Have’s

I have my own list of nice-to-have's for our wedding.   But these are not the expensive things you can imagine (like a Bellaroca Honeymoon, a popular P/V supplier, Tiffany wedding rings, etc.). The things I want are actually simple things, which, up to this day, I still can't decide if we will incorporate in the wedding or not.   Some are not locally made ... READ MORE

Trying Out Chicboy along Jupiter Street

My brother has been prodding us to try Chicboy with branches at Jupiter Street and in front of Makati City Hall (if you're from Makati). We went there today for our lunch and at around 11 am, the store is not packed with the weekend lunch crowd.   I guess this is the best time to have lunch there, as the place is always packed full (according to my brother). Food orders ... READ MORE

Dressing Up My Entourage

The ladies in my entourage will wear a twist-wrap dress in jersey fabric.This choice of dress was a result of my countless consultations with them (there are only 4 ladies in my entourage composed of the Matron of Honor and 3 Secondary Sponsors.  No bridesmaids and flower girls for me).Here are the pegs of the dress styles I showed to them:The ladies love ... READ MORE

Shrimp Fried Dumplings for Dinner

This is what I had for dinner tonight:Sweet and Sour Shrimp Dumplings with Fried Rice at Luk YuenPeso Power:  P165.00This is so sulit (value for money!).   The crispiness of  the shrimp dumplings are just right and they taste so good, even without the sweet and sour sauce.This is a dish that easily turns into a comfort food because it is flavorful and ... READ MORE

Earthquake in Myanmar = Super Moon?

The news this morning was about the 7.0 magnitude earthquake the struck Myanmar (formerly known as "Burma").   Some astrologers related the incident to the March 24 Super Moon window where it is said that powerful natural disasters (typhoons, earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions) are to occur.  You can read ... READ MORE