Coral Necklaces

I think these beautiful coral necklaces are nice accessories to any dress.So lovely and delicate-looking.I saw them at Greenhills and they're selling for P25 a piece.Must go back for these.   They'll be a nice addition to our entourage gifts. ... READ MORE

Splurges and Savings on your Wedding

I'm just curious, which items would/did you splurge, and which items would/did you save on your wedding?As for us, we splurged on the food and venue for the wedding reception.     Together, they made up 60% of our wedding budget.    We reckoned that it's the food that the guest will remember the most and yes, the ... READ MORE

Meeting with Ate Jo of Love in Bloom

As someone who isn’t very familiar with flowers and with no particular preferences, I thought I’ll have a hard time looking for our florist. It’s a good thing Hizon’s will take care of the flowers during the wedding party  and our Church will provide for the flowers already.  So I only have to look for a florist who will take care of my ... READ MORE

DIY Chocolate Wedding Favors

I am now ready to present the sample wedding favors I made last night and early today, using the materials we bought at Chocolate Lovers yesterday.Our inspiration?   Ferrero Rocher chocolates!We're not really big fans of these but we do love getting them as gifts hehe!Here are the choco balls, ready for their dress up!Armed with the plastic square boxes, I came up ... READ MORE

A Day at Chocolate Lovers in Cubao

Half of our day today was spent checking out Chocolate Lovers in Cubao.   We have always wanted to visit this place but never got around into doing it until the need arises:   we are scouting for some give-aways / wedding favors for guests. I know I said before that we won't be giving something to the guests.   But my office mate and fellow sisters at w@w helped me find ... READ MORE

A Field Trip Today!

Good morning, all!I'm excited with our trip later today - AJ and I are going to Choco Lovers in Cubao yehey!   It's going to be our first visit there so we feel like kids going on a field trip hehe!Will post pictures and stories after our trip.Meantime, here's the chocolate castle that we will look for later...Photo Credit:  Berting ... READ MORE