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I’m back!

AJ and I just spent 5 magical days in Palawan and to be honest and we almost entertained the thought of settling there for good hehe!   That’s how charmed we were with the city, its beaches, food and other attractions.  Will tell you more about that soon!

Before we left for Palawan on Friday last week, I received a package containing my orders of paper products from 101 Grams of {Eye} Candy.  But I got busy with the last minute packing for our Palawan trip so I only got to open the package today.


Gosh, I wasn’t expecting to get floored by these wonderful paper products that I got for myself, relatives and friends!  Aren’t they all eye candy??


Transacting with Ms. Pat Leano (owner of The Candy Shop) was one of the easiest I’ve had so far (another notable one was with Ms. Daphne Osena-Paez, to whom I got my lovely faith pendant).  I just sent an inquiry to Pat via her shop’s Facebook page, and in less than a minute, I already got a copy of the product catalog in my email.

I had an enjoyable time choosing the designs, letter fonts and paper sizes for each of the note cards that I ordered.   The catalog itself is very organized and the paper size and font guides, design patters and price list were arranged very neatly in one page.  I really appreciated this because all the details that I needed to know are already there;  I just have to choose from the options available (makes my life easier, too).  But in case you wanted it customized, The Candy Shop can do that for you as well (am just not sure if there are additional fees).

Another thing I liked about my having to personally choose each details in the note cards (and calling cards) is that this gave me a concrete idea of how they’ll look like.

But then again, I was surprised at how well-made and superior the printing and paper qualities of the note cards and calling cards actually were.  So luxe-looking, even with the kiddie designs!



I also love the English Rose design in these note cards that I got for my Ninang Caro, my cousin Mae Anne and one for myself too.  I will be ordering some more of these for my other BFFs  (ladies, you know who you are *wink wink*).



I am also very happy with how my calling card turned out.  I was supposed to have my blog logo printed here but I also wanted to have one of The Candy Shop‘s floral designs printed on both sides of the calling card.  After some thinking, I opted for the latter.  The result is a cute and dainty calling card with that familiar text frame and salmon pink color you see in my blog header.   I love it!



Thank you so much, Pat!  Now I can’t understand why it took me this long to order my first batch of paper products from you, when I have been a fan of your blog for as long as I can remember!  Till our next transaction!

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  1. diane says

    Hi Leah! Thank you for visiting my blog 🙂 I super like your business card! As for the notepads, it made me remember my past business. I used to make personalized notepads too. My full time job became my priority so my tiny business vanished away.

  2. Nancy Crutcher says

    Wow! Those paper products are wonderful!!! I really love its design and the quality also is wonderful! I wonder how much it cost? -

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