James Nares x Coach

I haven’t done a blog post on bags for a while.  Perhaps I’ve reach my saturation point so I just stopped looking.

But then I saw this beautiful James Nares x Coach Tote Bag ($798.00) in the arms of my super-friend from college, Pia, during our December reunion and it was love at first sight (again!) for me.


James Nares is a New York-based artist known for his unique brushwork painting style – he paints while hanging from a harness!   The results are art designs spontaneously created but captures the “very moment of their creation“.

The artwork collab bag also comes in the following bright colors: blue, red, green and pink.





I like the (emerald) green tote bag the best. Green is a well-balanced color that can be easily matched with any outfit shade – be it purple, blue, black or red.  It’s also calming to look at – not too loud nor too pale.

I was able to “scrutinize” and “test drive” the bag a little during Pia’s stay and I love how roomy it is.  It can pack a 14-inch laptop and a sweater together.  It is that big!   The leather-trimmed handles appear to be very sturdy and the canvas cloth (outer material of the bag) is thick and durable.

The only downside  is that it weigh a lot – for a tote bag..  And oh, it has an open top (meaning, no zipper to close or seal the bag) so if you are finicky about that then this one might not be for you.

But overall, I find the investment (almost $800) worth it because not only will you own a timeless and sturdy Coach bag, but also a piece of James Nares famous brushwork which, at the moment, sells at 5-digits, in dollars!

If you’re crazy about this bag, too (and have the money to buy it) then hop on now to Coach’s website and place your order!

(All bag photos are from Selectism.com)


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