Party Bags for Christmas Goodies

I found these Wilton-brand Christmas-themed party bags at the mall the other day, on sale at only P90.00 for a pack of 20 Christmas loot bags:

The problem now is what will I put into these bags?  Already, I am thinking of the perfect goodies to give to my friends this Christmas.  One thing for sure, I will be mixing edible and non-edible items – just to be different  =)

Now that the -ber months have set in (it’s gonna be October next week), let’s all brace ourselves for the worst traffic ever in Manila, the crowded malls (but I love the longer shopping hours) and the stress!   But you can very well avoid that by planning early and shopping for your gifts one at a time.  Don’t go for last-minute shopping – you’ll not only end up buying the more expensive items (because there’ll be fewer choices by then) but end up twice as stress as you ought to be  because you will be rushing everything.

Be creative too and think of ways in which you can personalize your gifts (and that may save you a lot too).    So plan, plan, plan away!   And don’t forget to enjoy the gift-giving activity!   There’s nothing worse than giving for the sake of giving!


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