My Modest Shoe Collection

Have been meaning to write about my shoes.   I used to be very serious with my shoe collection that at one time I owned about 30 pairs.   But most of them were black pumps that I wear to the office.    I used to hoard Nine West, Enzo Angiolini and Aerosoles shoes especially when they’re on sale.

I soon realized that I own so many and of the same style that I decided to sell some of them on eBay and kept only a few that I continue to wear to this day.   I also belatedly discovered that my feet loves Mark & Spencer – they fit like gloves and are very sturdy.   I have 3 pairs of Mark & Spencer shoes right now, all office shoes, and I have not tried any other brand since.

This is the first pair that I bought and it’s more than 2 years old already.   I like the “Mary Jane” inspired style and the low heels, perfect for meetings outside where I usually bring lots of papers with me.   There’s no risk of tripping or slipping because the width of the heels are wide, but not too wide to make it look like school shoes.

This black patent pumps is also from Marks & Spencer, with kitten heels that I love.   I used to wear 4-inch heels before but my legs began to ache on them already (I really am getting old hehe) so I am now after comfort, rather than style.   Kitten heels are perfect for me – I can stand all day in them and not get cramps after.

I also have this black ballet pumps still from Marks & Spencer that I keep in the office and wear around in my work area to give my feet a rest from wearing heeled shoes.

There’s also this Enzo Angiolini pair that I use sparingly these days.   It’s a dark brown leather pumps that I use also for work and it makes me feel really confident when I’m in them.

This is actually a “baby” to my much higher-heeled black pumps, also from Enzo Angiolini, which is currently on sale at my eBay store:

Now for outdoors, I wear my trusty FitFlops 95% of the time.  That’s how I love it.   I never get tired of walking when I’m in them.   And that’s really true.   So even though fake versions of this one have proliferated in the market, I buy only the authentic ones because I am paying for the comfort it brings, not just the look or style.

I have also recently discovered Native, and thanks to my sis-in-law Juvvy, I am now a proud owner of this neon pink pair, which I wear on Fridays (because that’s our dress-down day) or on weekends when I want to give my FitFlops a rest.

Lastly, I have a “wild card” pair that I wear when I’m feeling “stylish” (which is very seldom haha!).   I bought this locally-manufactured Katy & Carrie pair at a bazaar last December and I get lots of compliments every time I wear them.    The pair has a wedge sole in canvass coating, and a nice design that reminds me of YSL’s popular Tribute platform shoes.

I counted 8 pairs and if I will include my Adidas sneakers and trekking sandals from Columbia (which I didn’t take out from their boxes anymore for this “pictorial”), then I have 10 pairs all in all which I think is a modest number already hehe!   What do you think?

Do you also love shoes?   What style/design/color do you collect or love to wear?


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