Satchel Bag from Fino Leatherware

I saw this at the Fino store at Glorietta today and the green bag in the middle  made me stop, look and drool!

It’s a leather satchel bag!   In a very nice green color.   What a beauty!

And the price tag?   Less than P15,000 ($349)!   Very reasonable!  What more, it can be purchased thru a deferred payment arrangement (arranged with your credit card, with standard add-on interest).

If you are a fan of Fino Leatherware then this satchel bag is something you should seriously consider getting hehe.   It goes well with a corporate or casual attire, not to mention that the design is classic.

I almost got this satchel bag (the deferred payment arrangement was very tempting!) but I remembered that I have a new bag coming this week which I just won at eBay.  =)



  1. Do they have the same style in camel? I was wondering if the bag also has a body strap…

    • I think they only have it in leather but in different colors =) I’m sure there’s a body strap included because that’s part of a satchel bag’s design =) It’s really pretty, noh?

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