Back from the Blogging Hiatus

Hello, everyone! I’m back from the blogging hiatus to say I’m still here and that I missed you all (naks!).

Things got really busy at work and at home last December, that I was able to publish only one (1) blog post (Day 4 of our Tokyo trip).  I also skipped documenting all the holiday happenings here in the blog, something I was used to doing in the past years.

Instead, I became an obsessed #Instagrammer (look me up at IG as @dbrightspot), posting square pieces updates every now and then.  As a result, I haven’t had a full content write-up here since December 10.

I intentionally delayed finishing the last part of our Tokyo Travelogue, because I observed that my previous Tokyo posts didn’t generate feedback from my usual readers/followers.  But over at Instagram, each of my Tokyo posts got at least 20 likes (not a big number, but I’m sure the no. of views (and not likes) are bigger than this).

The lack of reader engagement from my last few posts (about Tokyo) also made me rethink the content of my blog.  What else should I be writing here that my readers haven’t seen already in my microblog, @dbrightspot?

I do not want to be just repeating my Instagram stories here for the sake of having new contents every now and then.  That’s not my style.  As you know, I have a regular day job which demands more attention from me now than ever before.

So if I will take some time off from my busy work to compose a blog content, it must be something I am interested about; otherwise, the right words will escape me and writing will take longer than usual.

So please bear with me as I am still finding the right balance of contents to share here.  But do stick around, okay?  I will finish my Tokyo travelogue, as promised.

In the meantime, let me wish you all a Xin Nian Kuai Le! May your days ahead be filled with immense joy and prosperity!


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  1. Suzie says

    I was waiting for you to finish your Tokyo blog to comment. We will be going to Tokyo in a few months and i bookmarked your site to serve as a reference. I was about to book a tour also for Mt Fuji but i came across your site so I plan for us to take the DIY, thanks for your detailed info. Thank you

  2. Cel says

    I am a regular lurker of your blog and a recent follower of your Instagram account (because my own Instagram account is barely a month old). I like following you on both your blog and Instagram because I enjoy your posts in both. I can barely imagine the time and effort it takes to prepare a blog entry so I appreciate that your Instagram can keep you in touch with us while we wait. And yes, I admit I am more apt to “like” an Instagram post or photo rather than share a blog entry.

  3. Judy says

    Oh, please, please continue to blog. It doesn’t matter if it takes you months to come up with another post. But please continue to share your experiences and finds. I truthfully draw a lot of inspiration from you.

  4. Sintea says

    Hi. One of your frequent lurkers here. So happy to see you back from your blogging hiatus. I am already looking forward to the last installment of your Japan trip. You have certainly inspired me!:-) I hope that you will continue to write about things that you feel happy or passionate about…it rubs off on others you know.;-)

  5. says

    “repeating my Instagram stories here for the sake of having new contents every now and then”

    Sorry na, medyo tinamaan naman ako dun ahahahaha My own belief lang naman ha, people still read your blog. Yun lang, not all people who read your blog are bloggers and not everyone leaves comment. I’ve seen some of your posts shared in my FB newsfeed. 🙂 You still have engagement, kaso wala na siguro yung direct feedback. Like yung napag-usapan naten dati, it takes a “paid” software to make real and deep analytics for your blog, FB page and IG account simultaneously. How the the three complement each other to increase your readership, that we have to find out pa. Okay sorry, tumatakbo pagka researcher ko hahaha

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