Food Post: Hai Chix & Steaks @ SM Jazz

We’re so happy to find that Hai Chix & Steaks, the crowd-favorite steak house in Ortigas, is now open at SM Jazz Makati!

Voted as the “Best Steak Place” by looloo app in 2013, food bloggers have been raving about the surprisingly affordable steaks at Hai Chix & Steaks, now favored over the P2,000 steaks at Mamou’s or Myron’s.

AJ and I were able to try this restaurant last month, but instead of treating ourselves to one of their famous steaks (each order is priced between P900 to P1,850), we chose to be practical and ordered their more affordable entrees – for the same amount of a single steak.

Here are what we had:

Beef Salpicao.  OMG!  Napamura ako sa sarap nito!  Beef steak cuts were used in this salpicao dish that is infused with lots and lots of garlic.  I think this is even better than ordering the steak.  For just P320.00, you can already enjoy a chunky size of beef that’s tender in each bite, and with a garlic-sea salt flavor that you never forget.  I highly recommend this dish, which is an appetizer dish by the way, but can be enjoyed as a meal paired with a cup of rice.


Hainanese Chicken Rice.  This is very much like Wee Nam Kee’s and I love it.  However, at P245.00 per order, it’s a bit expensive than Wee Nam Kee’s personal set which is just P168.00.  Still I wouldn’t mind ordering this again especially if I’m craving for some chicken to go with the salpicao steak.


BBQ Baby Back Ribs (P400.00 / half slab).  AJ ordered this, and was surprised to see the half slab ribs looking like a full slab one.  There are about 5 long bones in this one, with tender (but not fall-off-the-bone) meat.  The BBQ sauce is delicious.  This set comes with fries on the side (which can’t be exchanged into a cup of rice), so AJ has to order the steak rice separately.


Our bill came at a little over P1,000.00, which I still find very reasonable considering the quality and sizes of our meals.  I’d love to be back here and order the same food again!


Hai Chix & Steaks  |  SM Jazz Mall Residences, Jupiter Street corner N. Garcia Street, Makati  | 


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