Summer Heat Relief Efforts

I did a little shopping last weekend to help me combat the heat wave we’re having right now:


Although I always have my hair in a bun using big hair claws,  I still feel hot and uncomfortable. With the weather at 34-36 degrees Celsius everyday, the simple hair bun doesn’t help anymore.  So I tried a mid-high hair bun using the hair claws and while that greatly helped in relieving me of that burning feeling, it was only temporary because the hair claws doesn’t hold too well for a mid-high bun.  It loosens up after a while.

The spin pins from Goody at PCX Rockwell helped me achieve the my own mid-high hair bun look at minimum effort and without any scalp pain.  I love how natural it looked (no need for hair nets!) and how easy it is to put the screw-type pins on the hair.  Whether you like it sleek or messy, you can do that in minutes with these Goody pins.

I started using the spin pins this week and they hold up really well, there’s no need for me to re-fix my hair at all.  I only remove them when I get home to allow my hair to breathe.

I also bought myself a Carmex lip balm because my lips have been drying up quickly since this abnormal summer started.   I got the Cherry-flavored lip balm and it smells really nice.

Finally, no more burning feeling at the nape and no more over-drying of the lips for me.  I hope my relief efforts will help me through the rest of this unbelievable summer heat.


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