Choco Mangga

We got this as pasalubong from Dino and Juvvy when they were here last month to spend the Holy Week with us and my parents:


I learned from Juvvy that this is the latest craze in Cebu – dried mangoes dipped in chocolate!  I thought all along that it was premium Belgian chocolate because it tasted like one, until Juvvy told me otherwise hehe!


But I love it, I really do!  It’s a good thing the dried mangoes were half-dipped in chocolate only because it’s already difficult to taste the mango from the chocolate-coated part.  I like eating the chocolate part first then the dried mango last for a more satisfying (and finger-clean) finish!

Try it!  It’s something novel and yet so close to home.  If you have relatives and friends from Cebu ask them to bring you some over  =)

Thanks Dino and Juvvy!  When will I get my next shipment of Choco Mangga?  (I’m serious!)


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  1. Juvs says

    Hahaha, PruFoods have launched their version na din.. will try to grab some.. Padala ko kay Daddy or Dino sa May.. 🙂

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