A Typical Sunday at Rockwell

We love spending Sundays at Rockwell Powerplant Mall.  It’s not crowded like SM, and is very easy to navigate.

The food bazaar is also something we love to check out.  You will find this only on weekends, and it has become our habit to walk around it every time we are at Rockwell.

Cosa Brava’s Caramel Cake is perhaps the bazaar’s best seller (but I would never trade Estrel’s Cakes for this hehe).     Their cupcakes (the mini-version of their caramel cakes) also sells very fast, and we sometimes buy these in pieces to go with our afternoon coffee.

We also get free bite samples of the caramel cake, which the staff at Cosa Brava generously offers to customers.

I already forgot the name of this stall but they sell really good rum cakes.

We always pass by this little spot selling garden ready plants.

But in this particular visit, we managed to ask a few questions about which herb plant will strive in our erratic climate.    Basil, they said, will strive best because it loves sun and is not too demanding with water.   Rosemary is also good, but it should not be kept in big garden pots.   We ended up buying the Basil plant, for only P70.00.

Would have loved to buy some of these fresh herbs as well, but I didn’t have a ready recipe at that time that would need a lot of them.

And then there’s the fruit stand!   A visual feast with the plump and colorful fruits on display and for sale.

Another favorite of ours – pumpkin and malunggay bread!   We only find them here at the Rockwell bazaar and they are not always available, so we sometimes stock up on them – for us and my parents to share.

Cheese Pies, anyone?

How about milk candy roses?   They look like real flowers!

Dirty Ice Cream!  They are priced 3x higher inside the mall hehe.

One of our favorite restaurants in Rockwell:  Mongkok Dimsum and Noodles.

They serve classic Chinese dishes at very reasonable prices!   Here are some of our favorites:

Spareribs in Taosi Sauce
Fish Fillet with Sweet and Sour Sauce
Salt and Pepper Squid

We usually cap the day with coffee at Starbucks or, with these bottles of fresh orange juice (from Dizon’s Farm) that we buy at Rustan’s Supermarket.  We always get the sweet picks and we love it!

That’s the typical Sunday for us, folks!   How about yours?


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  1. says

    I love Sundays at Rockwell. The array of pastries are very delectable. My favorite resto (near Mongkok) is Cucina Victoria. Their Gambellini is a must try and is a personal favorite of mine.

    P.S. Awesome shots. I love the focus reception for the subjects.

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