Experiencing the Saladmaster Difference (Part 2)

I received lots of good feedbacks about Saladmaster from my previous post which made me really happy because it confirmed my impression on the brand – effective, durable and with highly satisfied customers.

Now, are you familiar with the baking soda test?  You can try it at home.    First taste the baking soda (you will find it salty).   Then put a teaspoon of it in your pans and pots.

Pour half-glass water in each pot/pan and heat for 5 minutes.

Taste the heated liquid.   If it no longer tasted the same as the baking soda in pure form, then it means your pot/pan has chemicals that reacted with the baking soda, leaving an unpleasant chemical taste to the heated liquid mixture.    As most pans are made of porous metal sealing (like stainless steel, teflon, etc.), they will grab food tightly that’s why they must be oiled before cooking.

When a porous pan is heated, the “pores” open up and as it cools, it closes.   Now, imagine this, when you cook, the pores are opened up but since you can’t clean up a pan while it is hot, you wait for it too cool down (hence letting the pores close up first) before you wash it.  So the next time you use it for cooking, the pores will open up again – leading to the mix of the residue in the previous meal you made with the new one you’re cooking.

That explains the reason why sometimes when we repeat a dish it just won’t taste the same, even if you did not alter the ingredients or even their measurements.   The cookware’s chemical and metal composition is mostly likely the culprit.

I was able to taste the different after-taste of baking soda on our stainless steel pan, ceramic pan and even our coated pan.  All of them yielded a very bitter chemical taste in the baking soda mixture (especially the stainless steel pan which we used for only 2x!).    But with the Saladmaster sauce pan (which was used as part of the experiment), the baking soda retained its taste.

I really appreciated the demonstration conducted at our apartment by Kuya Rene and Ate Jane last week.     And it made me really crave for this skillet – which will help me realize my dream of baking a cake too!    Yes, you can bake a cake here (no need for an oven!)

Thanks so much, Kuya Rene and Ate Jane!  I am looking forward to owning my Saladmaster pieces soon!  (Update:  I am now a proud owner of Saladmaster cookware!)

If you wish to know more about Saladmaster, visit their website or drop me an email.    I’d love to hear from other Saladmaster users out there, too!


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    hi po. anak po ako ng isang distributor ng saladmaster. naghahanap po kasi ako ng ways para ma-convince po ng nanay ko ung mga potential buyers na magandang investment ang saladmaster. nag search po ako sa google ng blogs at aun nga po napunta ako dito. ask ko lang po permission niyo kung pwede pong i present ng mama ko as testimonial ung dalawang post niyo regarding the cookware, at kung pwede niya din po ba i-conduct ‘tong baking soda test dito [?] I-iindicate po namin ung blog url niyo at ung mismong url po ng 2 posts sa bottom po ng print out.

    thanks po.


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