Food Post: Pepper Lunch

I can no longer count the number of times we’ve been to Pepper Lunch.  Our favorite was the one at Rockwell, and the aroma of the pepper rice meals never fail to lure us, especially after hearing mass at the chapel there.

We have tried both the chicken and beef pepper rice meals, but the dish that we have almost always ordered is the chicken and beef combo, which AJ and I always share together.  

Hmmmhh….I can again imagine the delicious aroma of the meat….and the warm plate that cooks the meat when you turn them over.  

We prefer having the beef and chicken meats well done and separately cooked, so that their own, distinct meat flavors won’t mix together.

AJ prefers taking this combo meal with Pepper Lunch’s signature pepper rice (while I love having just plain japanese rice): 

The meals at Pepper Lunch are very reasonably priced, and our usual order normally don’t reach P500.00.    We also love the prompt service there (since all food are served on a warm plate, they have to be served immediately).

When Pepper Lunch first opened at Rockwell, we used to line up outside the resto just to get seats (they don’t have a reservation policy, which is just fair) but I never minded this.  In fact, I like the feeling of waiting for our turn to order and get seats because I know our patience will be greatly rewarded with good and sumptuous rice meals.

To learn all that’s new at Pepper Lunch Philippines, just click on their website here.


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  1. edelweiza says

    I miss Pepper Lunch! My fave there is their Curry Beef Pepper Rice with Cheese and I always order a fried egg to go with it. Yum! 🙂

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