An Erasable Pen

My officemate, CDR, gave me this wonder pen from the Pilot brand.  I call it a wonder pen because it’s erasable! 

Pilot’s Frixion Erasable Gel Pen is a very convenient pen for me who corrects memos, correspondences and reports among others.   You know my handwriting is not something I can boast of, and I make corrections by crossing out  or circling words which, more often than not, has brought more confusion to the person correcting the document (especially when I return corrected documents peppered with crossed out words). 

On the other hand, I don’t like using pencils when correcting because they’re too informal for me. 

So with this pen, I will be able to correct documents while keeping it clean at the same time.   

It’s also perfect for students who still have to write lengthy book reports by hand (I think there are still professors who require this). 

Try it!  It’s available at all National Bookstore branches nationwide.

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