Starting to Pack Up

In less than 3 months I’ll be moving to a new home, after living with my parents for 33 years.   It’s my first time to be living independently, although I will not be really alone as it’s going to be a shared life with AJ (yihee!).   I am both excited and scared at the same time, since I was a pampered girl in the family who only knows how to wash dishes and organize things around the house.  Anyway, I will leave this for another post.

My mom advised me last week to start packing already so that I can still have time to segregate those that I’ll be leaving at our home, those that I can give away to relatives and friends, and those that I will take with me in our new home.

I started the task early today (no procrastinations, yehey!) and the first on my list are my books.

There were just too many of them that choosing those to bring with me proved to be time-consuming, especially since I started browsing on them again as I made an inventory and remarks on where they will go.  

But in the end, the practical in me got better so I decided to take with me only those that I really, really like (meaning, it’s something that I will want to read over and over again if there will be no TV or internet) and the rest I decided to sell through my eBay account.

There were about 3 books from college that I will donate at St. John Bosco Parish and they have been packed already for dropping off next week.

Here’s how my books looked like after 2 hours of  sorting them out and packing them up:

Sorry for the blurred picture.  I’m using my Sony Ericsson phone here.   There were 2 plastic boxes filled with books, a cardboard box (used for storing bond papers) that I took from the office to pack in more books, and still there were others needing storage boxes which I have yet to buy.

My book interests vary from fiction to non-fiction.  Found something you like in here?

Next on my list would be the bags and then the clothes and lastly shoes!  

Friends, if you are a book lover like myself who prefer to buy second-hand books (over the price-y new releases), please drop by my online shop at (seller name is corplanner).   You might find a book or two in my list that interests you.

Meantime, I’ll go finish packing up the rest so I can find space to sleep in my room. 

Good night.

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