The Foreveryday Ring

I’m very happy to introduce to you The Bright Spot’s first Holiday Jewelry Offering, which took some months of planning with my jeweler because I wanted to make sure that it’s gonna be within everyone’s budget:


Yes, it’s an eternity ring but is MORE than that!

An eternity ring is perhaps the most romantic ring that a guy can give you.  It symbolizes never-ending love, as shown by the continuous line of gemstones lining up the (white or yellow) gold band.  It is also the most delicate due to the presence of gemstones all the way round the ring, which can fall off if one is not too careful with her ring.

Although by tradition, eternity ring is given by a husband to his wife during a milestone wedding anniversary, the appeal and symbolism behind a diamond-surrounded ring band is so amorous that the gents have started giving their ladies this ring as “promise” of forever or never-ending love, and as a prelude to a marriage proposal.  So officially, this ring is different from an engagement ring which represents a “formal agreement to future marriage” (source).  Nowadays, brides-to-be prefer to have an eternity ring as her wedding band as well.

Very recently, two (2) of our biggest celebrities got engaged and both of them were gifted (by their future and moneyed spouses) with prong-set eternity rings:

Marian Rivera

Marian Rivera

Hearth Evangelista

Heart Evangelista

Aren’t they eye-popping?  The diamonds are sure BIG, judging at how thinner the ring fingers of Marian and Heart have become with the rings on!

I’m pretty sure a lot of you became very interested with their eternity rings, and who wouldn’t want to wear something that’s not only beautiful to look at but also has a very meaningful symbol behind it?

And so, I came up with an eternity ring design that is still based on traditional setting – angular instead of rounded prongs – for that ‘bespoke look’ (more on this later) but using an inexpensive substitute to diamonds.

I am talking about Signity stones, of course, which are extremely high quality CZs that look closest to a diamond.


Created in 1999 by the company that gave us Swarovski crystals, there is now a growing market in the U.S. for Signity stones which have become the bride’s next best friend (to diamonds).

I am calling this ring the Foreveryday Ring; joining together the words “forever” and “everyday” because this eternity or forever ring is made to be worn everyday!


Features of the Foreveryday Ring:

1.  It is set in 14k white gold, therefore has a high resale value as compared to gold-coated rings.

2.  It is surrounded by 0.10 pt. high-quality and imported Signity stones. The number of gemstones will vary according to your ring size.  To give you an idea, my size 4 ring has 18 pieces of 0.10 pt. Signity stones around it.

3.  It adopted the angular, instead of round, prong setting which I believe is a more secure form because it conforms to the shape of the stone.  Also, perfectly rounded prongs are harder to perfect by hand.  Yes, this is a bespoke ring indeed, molded according to your finger size and the number of Signity stones to fill up the ring.


And now, here’s an irresistible holiday offer that you shouldn’t miss:

From now until December 31, 2014, the Foreveryday Ring can be yours for just Php19,000.00!


Yes, you read it right: an eye-popping eternity ring that costs less than Php20,000.00!

The price is really budget-friendly, considering that our own wedding bands costs AJ and me Php20,000.00 or Php10,000.00 for each ring (at 2011 prices).

Here’s a side-by-side picture of the eternity ring and my own wedding band.  My wedding ring’s simple in setting, is unpolished and definitely lighter in weight as compared to the eternity ring.


Imagine if I’ve thought of this ring design way back in 2011 and made it my wedding band!  For an added premium of Php9,000, I’ll already have a thicker band surrounded by brilliant stones!

I made sure that the surface of each prong is smooth, so there’ll be no discomfort at all when you wear the ring  =)   I’ve been wearing mine for weeks now and it doesn’t leave scratches even when I wash my hands with it on.

Get your own Foreveryday ring now!  Let’s sparkle and shine this holiday season and in the years beyond!

To order, please email me at


GIGA opens in Cebu!

Good news to all GIGA fans in Cebu: no more waiting for your next trip to Manila to buy GIGA products, or for your friends to get them for you.  GIGA officially opened their first kiosk store at SM City Cebu last September!

photo 1

I first learned about GIGA through my sister-in-law, Juvvy of Mommy Juvs, who uses GIGA products on her and my nephew, Liam.  My family’s personal favorite is GIGA’s Baby Insect Repellant Spray which kept not just Liam, but all of us, free from mosquito bites and smelling good at the same time too!  Yes, the smell of citronella in this spray is not overpowering at all, parang cologne lang but you are actually wearing an insect repellant.

Because there’s no GIGA store in Cebu at that time yet, my mom would ask me to buy 3-4 bottles of their insect repellant spray and my dad would bring them to Cebu.

Juvvy fell in love with the rest of GIGA products, and I guess it rubbed off on me even though hindi k’me lagi nagkikita hehe!  I have already tried their Dry Mist Oil (Green Tea variant) which works very much like as The Body Shop’s Olive Dry Oil Mist.  I also received as gift last year GIGA’s Aromatherapy Soap (Peppermint variant) which I brought to one of my work-related trips last year but left in the hotel (sob!).

Seeing that she cannot have her regular supplies of GIGA in Cebu because they’re not readily available in the malls, Juvvy did the next best thing: she brought GIGA to Cebu!

photo 5

photo 4

I’m so proud of her!  She really has what it takes to be an entrepreneur!

But what I’m more proud of is her decision to support this homegrown brand which now has loyal followers from all over the country.

Equally inspiring is the story of GIGA’s humble beginnings (read it HERE).

By the way, GIGA means “God Is Good Always”.

I recently ordered (all the way from Cebu!) sets of GIGA’s best-selling aromatherapy soaps for my use and as gifts for Christmas.  They are available in 5 variants: Peppermint, Lime, Citrus, Lavender and Chamomile.


The colorful paper wrapper is from one of the wrapping paper books I have here.  I used my leftover Christmas-themed grosgrain ribbon to tie the gift, giving it a ‘holiday’ look.


Now, the shameless plug:  Give the gift of aromatherapy to your love ones and friends this holiday season. These GIGA aromatherapy soaps give off a relaxing after-bath feel while moisturizing the skin!

Looking for a quick way to wrap your GIGA gifts?  Ask about their holiday gift sets the next time you visit their kiosks!




To my readers and friends in the Queen City of the South: Do check out the first-ever GIGA kiosk store at SM City Cebu and discover the all-natural, all-effective and all-affordable personal care products from GIGA!


Introducing uberX: The Low-Cost Uber

My usual 30 minutes ride home became 3 hours yesterday, no thanks to the ulan-baha that started at around 3 o’clock in the afternoon. I took my usual uberX transpo going home, and I am very thankful that my driver (Kuya Teodoro) was alert the whole time we were battling traffic along Buendia, Taft Avenue, Vito Cruz and Zobel Roxas, where cars didn’t move for almost an hour.  Nakahanap k’me ng lulusutan and was able to cut some travel time while we were at Zobel Roxas.

Despite the horrendous traffic (and it’s everywhere!), I surprisingly didn’t lose my cool!  I made use of the time to read chapters of the eBook I’m reading (and I was able to finish it today, and I took lot of power naps. Yes, that’s how safe I feel when riding an Uber car – kaya ko tulugan yung driver hihi!

And my total ride fare? Only P477.00 for a 3-hour ride. Not bad at all, right? Para na rin akong nag-taxi minus the ‘kontrata’ thing with the driver.

How’s that as another good reason why you should switch to Uber, especially now that there’s uberX!

WHAT IS uberX?
uberX is a low-cost Uber option that combines the same great Uber quality and reliability you know and love with lower prices than ever before!


Ride Uber for LESS as the Uber experience you know and love just got more accessible!  Check out their taxi-equivalent rates!


uberX cars are on the road since August 21st!
1.  Open your Uber app and you’ll now see two vehicle options at the bottom: uberX and Black Car
2.  Slide the bar along to uberX to give it a try.


3.  Set your pickup location and tap ‘Request uberX’.


Easy peasy!

Want a free Uber ride?  Let me give it to you!  Use my voucher code vla4z when you sign-up at UBER to get P300.00 FREE credit that you can use right away!

UBER  |  Instagram: @uber_manila  |  Twitter: @uber_manila  |  URL:


Smitten with PiP

A few days ago I featured this Dutch shop called PiP Studio which I likened to Cath Kidston because of their colorful and detailed prints and illustrations.

Click here for my post on “PiP Studio”.

I was particularly drawn to their birds series, thus everything in my PiP Studio ‘wish list’ is adorned with these winged beauties:


(Interested in the same products?  Click HERE to go directly to their online shop.)

I am still waiting for the right time to purchase these items, but over the weekend I saw something at Living Well (SM Aura Branch) that looked cunningly like PiP’s:


It’s a teacup and saucer set that comes with a pretty round box. For a price of P335.00, super cheap na ito compared to PiP’s version which will cost me P928.56 for a single set.

And the best part is that it’s discounted at 10%.  We caught the anniversary sale of Living Well at SM Aura.  Yay, that’s the sign that I should buy na!  =)


So lovely to look at, and the box is even lovelier to look at hehe!


I plan to re-use the box to store my bangles in.  I need to separate them already from my other bracelets to avoid scratching.

And the teacup-saucer set? It will have to wait a little while before it becomes part of my evening coffee/tea ritual.  I ordered for some Cath Kidston English Tea (bags) from @myclosetmonster at Instagram and they’ll be perfect together!

Have a great week, everyone!


The Antique Rose-Cut Diamonds

With showbiz wedding proposals happening left and right (the latest was Isabel Oli getting engaged to John Prats  – watch their cool video here), I decided to feature today a unique diamond cut that has a lot of history in itself, and which I think any girl would love to receive on her engagement or wedding day:


They’re called rose-cut diamonds,  and are sometimes called the “Antwerpt rose” (because they’re mainly manufactured in Antwerp), “crowned rose”, “Dutch cut” or “Full Holland cut”.

You must be wondering, why Dutch and Holland?  Well, the Dutch references in the names reflect the fact that Holland was once the capital of the diamond-cutting world (source).

Rose-cut diamonds date back to the early 1500s and was very popular during the Victorian era.  These gems have flat bottoms and triangular facets that come to a point at the top – producing considerable brilliance, especially at night.


Although I have said before that brilliant-cut diamonds have the maximum brilliance and fire (check out my post here), there is nothing quite like the sparkle and dazzling effect of rose-cut diamonds.


Adding to the appeal of this kind of diamond is its uneven shape, assuring you that they are definitely mined from the grounds and are not synthetics.

Another feature of this gemstone is its transparency.  The facets of rose-cut diamonds are at the crown (or the dome).  As a result, light travels freely at the top (thus, the big brilyo effect you see when you look at it from the top).  Brilliant-cut diamonds, on the other hand, have internal facets (i.e., they are at the sides and bottom parts of the diamond) so the light travels and disperses inside.  The flashes of spectral colors—known as fire—are a function of this dispersion.



Because of its European history, and the fact that this used to be the choice for solitaire rings in the olden days, rose-cut diamonds have become strongly associated with antique jewelry.  I, on the other hand, find them relevant – even more beautiful – when set in modern jewelry design.  Just like this classic rositas design that you see above.

Rose-cut diamonds spell romance, chivalric love, adventure and truthfulness.  They reveal their imperfections to you because they have minimal light dispersion, allowing you to see past the reflective lights.

Now that’s what I call beautiful outside, and still beautiful inside.

The earrings and ring set above are made of 14k Philippine white gold and imported rose-cut diamonds.

For price inquiries, email me at

References:  Wikipedia, The Diamond Cuts and All About Gemstones.