Product Review: Sit Smart with BackJoy

One of my resolutions this year is to find a long-term ‘fix’ to my back pain, which I get from sitting for prolonged periods of time – at home.

Surprised at the mention of ‘home’?  Yes, it’s true.  At work, I have no problem because I move around a lot: I interact with my colleagues (so I don’t just sit at my chair all day), I go to meetings located in other floors, and I always take the stairs when it’s just 1 or 2 floors up (or down).

But at home, specifically when I’m blogging, I tend to get stuck at my seat for hours. That’s because it really takes time for me to choose the pictures to publish, edit them, compose my story and then publish it online.  Mas mabilis pa ako gumawa ng policy guidelines kaysa blog post hehe!  Since I do most of the writing at night before sleeping, I started developing this back pain that makes it difficult for me to stand up and which I also feel when I get up from the bed the following day.

I’ve also read that sitting up straight makes us happier and more productive, so I vowed to really do something about it.

It was sometime last year when I saw this stall at Robinson’s Manila selling BackJoy - a seat support that promises to prevent and relieve the pressures and strains that aggravate back pain whenever and wherever you have to sit.  I tried sitting on their demo seat support and it caused me to sit upright, as opposed to slouching forward which I tend to do (may pagkakuba na k’se ako umupo).  I got really interested in the product, but didn’t buy it right away because I want to research about it further.

And research I did.  The SitSmart technology developed by BackJoy transforms our posture by: (a) tilting our hips upright to shift the center of gravity forward and move the pressure away from our lower back, then (b) cups our gluteus muscles so that it will not flatten against the seat under our weight and then (c) lifts the pelvis above the sitting surface for natural pelvic support.


It’s so safe and easy to use!

Watch this video to learn more about BackJoy and how it makes you sit better:

I was convinced that BackJoy is my back pain solution, but I got busy during the holiday season so I didn’t get it right away.

This turned out to be a blessing in disguise because last January, I discovered their stall at SM Mall of Asia and what’s more, they have this limited edition BackJoy x Hello Kitty collab.  How sweet!



Available only in Asia and for a limited time pa, the Hello Kitty SitSmart™ Posture+ is what Hello Kitty fans like me will not dare let pass!

Who would have thought that my posture support will be endorsed by my favorite character in the world?  Double happiness!

Hello kitty backjoy

Here’s my Hello Kitty BackJoy SitSmart at my workplace:


I initially planned of using it at work, but because I was out of my cubicle for most of the time, I decided to take it home na lang kasi sa cute nya eh baka manakaw hehe!  And this is not cheap ha, investment (i.e., cost) price is Php 3,999.00 for this one.

My decision to use it at home was a wise one.  Since the start of this year, I’ve been bringing home work and I’m like, clocking in 10-12 hours of work every day.  So while at it, I have to stay comfortable at my seat to prevent more back pain.

The good thing about BackJoy is that I can use it whether I’m sitting on a hard or soft seat:


My Hello Kitty BackJoy at home.

I’ve been using mine for over a month now and I can honestly say that I’m very satisfied with the results.  Not only did I find relief from my back pain, I also observed that my posture improved since I started using it.

Here are some reminders for those who will want to try the BackJoy:

  1. Make sure to read the little manual that comes with the product, before you even start to use it.  You have to know how to use it correctly; otherwise, you will yourself irritated instead of relieved by this seat support.
  2. It took time for me to adjust to my seat support so on the first 2 days, hindi ko muna sya inupuan nang matagal.  By my 3rd use, my bottom’s so used to it already that I didn’t feel I’m sitting on some kind of apparatus.  Thanks to BackJoy, I can now sit for 2-3 hours at our dinner chair (because I work at our dining table) without feeling any discomfort.
  3. If you are going to use the BackJoy on a hard seat (like I do), expect some “cradling” movement because your seat support (which has a convex shape) is directly touching a hard surface.   If you do not like to be distracted by this cradling movement, place a small pillow between the BackJoy and the chair.
  4. By the way, you can also use your BackJoy while relaxing on a couch or driving a car.  Just because you are in a relaxed position doesn’t mean you should stop caring about your posture!
  5. Remember that your BackJoy has to be smaller than your buttocks, for maximum pelvic support.  If you’re a petite size, get the BackJoy Mini.  Make sure to consult with the helpful staff at any BackJoy stall so you get one that’s just right for you.

I’d say that sitting never felt so good with BackJoy.  If you are like me na hindi na bata (hehe!) and already has body aches caused by improper sitting posture (that just can’t be helped!), let BackJoy help you too!


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Food Post: Socrates’ Secret Restaurant

A restaurant with the word “Secret” attached to its name is bound to pique my curiosity.  Add to that the enigmatic name “Socrates” and I knew that we’re on to something interesting.


Some weeks ago, AJ and I were invited to try this Greek taverna located at Laguna Central, Greenfield City.  AJ and I are actually very familiar with Laguna Central – being our “pit stop” whenever we go to Tagaytay or Silang in Cavite.  But we really haven’t explored the restaurant strip there until we were introduced to Socrates’ Secret, a Greek restaurant serving healthy and flavorful Mediterranean-inspired dishes.

The restaurant’s color, feel and ambiance reminded me very much of the movie Mama Mia, which was filmed in the Greek island of Skopelos.  The restaurant’s dominant color is ocean blue – a very calm and soothing color.  This is the color that I would want to look at after shopping in the countless outlet stores at Paseo de Sta. Rosa, which is just across the restaurant hehe.

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My Birthday x Cath Kidston

Thanks to the powers and patience of Mother E, my birthday gift to myself arrived just before Valentine’s Day.  Para na rin akong nakatanggap ng 12 bouquets of flowers when I saw the delivery hehe!

Syempre, ano pa ba ang maiisip kong gift sa sarili ko aside from Cath Kidston items?  Eh di Cath Kidston pa rin hehehe!  I got a cag in bag (because tamad ako magdala ng payong sa office), iPad case (even though I don’t own an iPad) and this tin can of sewing pins that I first saw at the Cath Kidston flagship store in BGC and couldn’t resist getting because it’s on sale.


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London Calling

Let me share with you this fondant cake I received from my Ninang Caro and her family last week (my birthday week), which AJ and I got to slice up only the other day.


Next to Hello Kitty, I am addicted to anything British.  From my music preferences (The Beatles, Brit Pop heroes like Oasis and Blur, and even The Verve) to movies (I love watching BBC films) to books (Ian McEwan, Kazuo Ishiguro, Helen Fielding, and Mark Haddon are some of my favorite British authors) to bags and accessories (Cath Kidston!) and celebrity icons (I’m a big fan of Duchess Catherine and Keira Knightley).

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A Sweet Life at Hyatt City of Dreams Manila

Who would have thought that the universe will conspire with AJ in giving me a grand and surprise birthday gift yesterday: a sumptuous buffet dinner + overnight stay at the Hyatt City of Dreams!

You all know how much we enjoyed our stay there last Christmas (read all about that HERE), and while I know of the hubby’s plan to celebrate my birthday there with a special dinner, I was totally clueless about the ‘other’ grand plan until last Wednesday when he told me of the overnight stay, on our way home from work.  I guess he realized that he cannot pack our clothes and hide it from me until Friday, hehe!

I got really excited when he told me that we will be trying Hyatt’s dinner buffet, something we weren’t able to try last December.  And because my birth month is also the month of hearts, we got to celebrate Valentine’s in advance, too.

It felt so good to be back at Hyatt City of Dreams, and at The Café where the sight of spices in large jars and spacious dining areas made it very inviting for a culinary feast to begin:



The warm and hospitable staff of The Café instantly put us at ease.  Nakakagana tuloy kumain nang marami, hihi!

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Tea Cup for my Birthday

February is my birth month, so it is only but fitting that I chose this particular tea cup and saucer set from Royal Albert’s “Flower of the Month” series, which I bought from @paperstrawlove.


This beautiful Royal Albert tea cup and saucer set is already vintage (having been released in the 70’s) but it’s in very pristine, almost new, condition that I didn’t mind paying good money for it.

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Pellegrino’s (No-Bake) Blueberry Cheesecake


This is not the first time I’ll be writing (and raving) about a good blueberry cheesecake.  As some of you may already know, I am a big fan of blueberry cheesecakes.  And that I’m very picky when it comes to the cream cheese filling.  I don’t like it too light nor too heavy.  The smooth consistency must be there.  And most of all, it must not be too sweet.

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Salcedo Saturday Market


The weather yesterday was too perfect to be wasted indoors.  There’s some sun but it was mostly cloudy and chilly.  With nothing major planned that day, AJ and I decided to head to the Salcedo Saturday Market to finally check it out.

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