Meet the #CathKidstonSisterhood

I’m sure that you have experienced meeting somebody for the first time and feeling that he or she has been in your life forever, like you know him or her already that your conversation took off as if you have lot of catching up to do.  Ain’t that feeling great?!  Walang hiyaan, and you enjoy every moment of it because you are just being yourself.

The reason I’m saying all these is that in the few years that I’ve been a blogger, I’ve never actually thought of meeting up with my fellow bloggers.  Sa totoo lang, I am a painfully shy person, and socializing is not my forte at all.  I rarely accept invitations from PR agencies to attend events or product launches because I’m not the type who easily connects with the crowd.

So it’s quite amazing that this year, I was able to arrange a meet-up between me and two (2) of my blogger friends whom I’ve known for quite some time already, but never been with in a gathering.

I first met Ms. Ellen while I was looking for Cath Kidston mugs.  I “met” her online at, and she was selling these Crush Mugs that I really like.  I bought 3 from her, but she sent me 4 mugs instead, making it a set.  So generous of her!

And that was the start of our “personal shopper-impulsive buyer” relationship haha, which is now on its 3rd year(!).  Ms. Ellen has helped me realize my dream of owning a mantle glass jar, original Starbucks mugs, the famous garlic roaster and more Cath Kidston items for my growing collection.  She also has a blog (The Pseudoshrink) and here I got to know the very witty and sharp-minded Ellen that I so, so love!

Enter Diane whose blog, Diane Wants To Write, is always well-written.  Whenever I read her entries, I feel like I’m reading someone else’s diary hehe!  I can definitely relate to the stressful nature of her work, her love for online shopping, her being a foodie and best of all, her love for Cath Kidston items hehe!

Together with Ms. Ellen, we formed this #CathKidstonSisterhood that have emptied our wallets at some point, but filled our little hearts with so much happiness.  We just love everything pretty that’s not super mahal.

After years of stalking each other’s blogs and IG accounts, we finally met over brunch last Sunday.  Syempre, the venue of our meeting should reflect our “common denominator” which is Cath Kidston, so we agreed to meet at Vanilla Cupcake Bakery in Glorietta.

The two (2) new wall murals at Vanilla Cupcake Bakery helped set the mood for a light and happy conversation I would have with Ellen and Diane, though kahit sa McDo lang k’me siguro nagkita, ganun pa rin ang mood ‘cos we’re like high school buddies na matagal nang hindi nagkita hehe!



Diane and Ellen (hidden behind the tin can tray and notecards I gave them hihi).


Ms. Ellen’s gift to me.  Nahiya nga ako when I saw her very pretty wrapping, because I just used recycled paper bags in wrapping my gifts to her and Diane.


Cath Kidston mug lang naman ang gift sa amin ni Ms. Ellen.  Ay, may notebook pa pala. I told you, she’s so generous!


We were later joined by Ms. Ellen’s good friend, Tsokoholik (err, I forgot to ask for her real name) who’s also my friend over at IG.

Time was a bit short nga lang for the 4 of us ladies, as Ms. Ellen has a flight back to Dumaguete that she has to catch (but as it would turn out, naiwan sya ng plane!).   I, on the other hand, has an event to attend to at Eastwood Mall,  while Diane wants to check out the Cath Kidston store at BGC (read about her happy trip to the Cath Kidston store here).  Tsokoholik naman would like to check out the Home Section of the Landmark (and she went home with not just one shopping bag hehe!  I love all the items she bought, especially the tin cans!)

So we said our goodbyes, and even without having to say it, we all know that this was not the last time that we will see each other.

Thank you Diane and Ms. Ellen for making it to our ‘momentous’ meeting hihi!  And it was so nice to meet you, Tsokoholik!  Next time, talagang sa BGC na ang venue natin  =)


Oh, Love Co: Lovelier the 2nd Pair Around

The last time I bought myself shoes was last year, and it a yummy purple ballet shoes from Oh, Love Co., aptly called First Love:

You can read about my First Love pair HERE.

I knew from the first time I wore my ube-colored flats that this was not the last time I will buy from Oh Love.  I secretly wished for a black ballet flats with bows on top so I can finally put to rest my 5-year old Marks and Spencer bow pumps, and guess what?  Oh Love Co. made that happen this year!

no-nonsenseI placed my order for a size 7.0 but have to be wait-listed.

Then last Friday, when I least expected it, my shoes arrived!  What a lovely surprise!


Kinilig ako when I saw my new shoes!  The usual perfect comfort that you get from any Oh, Love pair is there, plus nakaka-Donya yung gold-colored insoles nya!  I love, love, love it!




Thank you, Oh, Love Co. for making my shoe wish come true!

Oh, Love Co. | | | | Shop Oh, Love here | Follow Oh, Love at Instagram @ohloveph


The Ultimate Diamond Tennis Bracelet


The last jewelry piece I will feature for this year is very special.  It is a diamond tennis bracelet set in 14k yellow/white gold and lined with 55 pieces of 0.07 pts. (or carat round) diamonds, all vs1 quality.

Each gold link of the bracelet is shaped in vertical sexagon, and the diamond is secured by 14k white gold prongs.


Why white, you may ask.  White gold enhances the brilliance of the diamonds (mas litaw yung brilyo) and because the white gold color blends well with diamonds, the prongs are not easily visible.  This makes the setting look flawless and very clean.

I find the geometric design of the links captivating.  The structured design is in itself unique, and by adding a space between the gold frame and diamond stone,  naging litaw na litaw pareho yung gold setting and the diamonds inside.

This diamond tennis bracelet has a safety clasp, which is a must if you’re buying a highly valuable bracelet.


More pictures of this shining, shimmering, splendid arm candy:



Total gold weight is approximately 14 grams.


This diamond tennis bracelet is no doubt a treasure that you will value for life!

For price inquiries, email me at


Cath Kidston (finally) opens in Manila!

I may not be present at the opening of the first Cath Kidston store in Manila yesterday (k’se hindi naman ako invited, hehe!), but I made sure to check it out first thing today when it opens to the public.  I’m glad that AJ and I were there early; I was able to roam freely around the store and get a closer look at the merchandise (and take pictures too).

Here’s my #ootd earlier (and basically my outfit when I’m not in my office uniform): Lacoste shirt, Columbia cargo pants, Fitflop sandals and of course, my Cath Kidston bag.  It’s an open carry-all bag in Cowboy print, which I bought on sale from its official online shop early this year.


No need for visual merchandising techniques in this store at all! Each Cath Kidston product is sure to catch the customer’s attention, and because they’re so darn pretty, it’s impossible to leave the store empty handed.

I was welcomed by the sight of these pretty bags on display.  A lot of shoppers are trying on the bags, so don’t be surprised if you find most bags on display in disarrayed state.





The bag selection for kids is just as desirable as the adult’s.



My two (2) most coveted prints right now:  the London Buses and the Guards.


I was supposed to buy this travel wallet / passport holder during the last online sale but I hesitated.  Now that it’s regularly priced (at P3,000++), I can’t afford it na waah!


Wallets, passport holders, ticket holders and other travel accessories.  Perfect as gifts this Christmas!


Travel pouches.  Also perfect as gifts this Christmas!


Cath Kidston Manila has a very good selection of home and kitchen items.  I think I lingered here longer than in the other sections of the store.





Stanley the dog is so cute in this pie funnel, which is is placed in the middle of a pie when baking to allow the steam (from the filling) to escape from the inside of the pie.




A wonderwall of mugs!


So hard to pick only one design here.  I personally like the London Buses, the Garden Birds (they remind me of PiP Studio too!) and the Mushroom Stanley mugs.


I should have gotten this tin can of sewing pins (even though I don’t know how to sew). Not only is it pretty, it can also be used to store the daily meds that I take while at work.   


Office and stationery supplies galore! AJ was watching me like a hawk while I was browsing through the items here.  He knows I have a weakness for paper and office products hehe!




Pencil erasers.  Cuteness overload!


The store has fashion items available, too.




Of course, I have to have my picture taken in this Cath Kidston-inspired London cab standee.


My haul:


I got two (2) book bags (in ‘Townhouses’ and the ‘London Buses’ prints), 2 travel pouches (with the ‘Guards’ print in one of them) and a foldaway bag.  I wanted to buy more pero awat na raw, sabi ni AJ hehe!  And because I was such a good girl, he gifted me with one of the bags I picked.  Yey!

I was also able to avail of the 20% discount being given for purchases worth Php 5,000 or more!


More freebies from the store:  Cath Kidston eco-bag and cupcake from Vanilla Cupcake Bakery!  Thank you!


To celebrate the opening of its first store in Manila, Cath Kidston is offering 20% off on all items when you spend Php 5,000.00 or more.  This offer is good today until tomorrow (December 7) only.

Cath Kidston Manila  |  Active Fun Building (beside Mothercare, and very near Krispy Kreme), Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City.


Food Post: Le Miel Cafe

Dessert is probably the most important stage of the meal, since it will be the last thing your guests remember before they pass out all over the table. ~William Powell

So true.  The last stop of our recent food trip at Greenfield District was the one I remembered the most – because of the desserts!

After having consecutive lunches at Habib Persian Cuisine and Brown’s Gourmet Cafe, we headed to this French-Korean patisserie called Le Miel Cafe. Le miel is the French word for “honey”, a very suitable name for this quaint cafe that has a sweet and very light ambiance.  Prominently displayed there are some of the French baking products that they actually use; proofs that what you are about to have are high quality French desserts.



I forgot to buy this!


Here are the sumptuous desserts that we were able to try at Le Miel Cafe:

Charlotte aux Fruits Rouges.  This is a very French dessert.  Soft biscuit or pie crust with bavarian / custard cream filling then topped with red fruits and berries (hence the name “fruits rouges”).  So festive in appearance, and yet very light as a dessert.  Perfect for afternoon tea parties or as birthday cake or as cake dessert for any happy occasion!



The whole cake looks even prettier!  And very reasonably priced at P1,490.00 (good for 8 slices).


Gateau Fudge au Chocolat and Lemon Tart.  Rich, dark Belgian chocolate cake.  A chocoholic’s dream cake.  I love, love this one sobra!  It’s totally divine.  The lemon tart, on the hand, has a sharp tart taste that took a little while of getting used to.




Le Petite Antonie.  Another classic French chocolate dessert that features the delicious flavors of hazelnuts, Giradelli chocolate cream and chantilly cream.  I could see from the presentation alone the labor of love that went into creating this dessert.  It’s like eating 4 kinds of desserts that are stacked together!  So delicate but so delightful to eat!  This one’s perfect with warm black coffee.  I’d love to have this again as an after-meal dessert.



Bingsu (or Bingsoo).  A popular shaved ice dessert in Korea that’s available in various flavors and laden with various toppings.  I called these big glasses my “halo halo” at Le Miel.  Haaay, kailangan mag-share kayo dito, because the serving’s more than plenty!


My personal favorite: the Green Mountain Bingsu which has red bean paste, cereal flakes, Matcha powder, vanilla ice cream and milk.  Hahanapin ko ito sigurado sa summer.


The lovely couple who owns Le Miel - G and John – who made our short stay there sweet and memorable.


Le Miel Cafe is a dessert heaven that’s waiting to be discovered.  You’ll be surprised to find a lot of really good and high quality pastries and cakes there and if only I could taste them all, I would! Kaso hindi na kinaya ng powers ko hehe! (Remember, this was our last stop.)

Visit it soon at The Hub, Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City.