An Afternoon of Stationery and Cupcakes

After months of searching, I finally found available Cath Kidston paper products at National Bookstore today!

Saw these at their branch in Rockwell Powerplant, but I’m not sure if they’re available in their other stores as well:






But guess what?  I surprised myself by not buying anything!  Nalula kse ako sa prices nila.  I can’t find one that costs less than P500.00!

I love, love the brand alright, but I don’t feel like splurging on these which I might end up not using at all (k’se sayang, ang mahal pa naman hehe!).

To soothe my wounded spirit (hehe, OA lang), I headed to Glorietta and treated myself (minus AJ, who will be back in Manila tomorrow after a 3-week long training in Toronto) with an early dinner at Vanilla Cupcake Bakery.

There, my eyes feasted on pretty cupcakes, Cath Kidston-inspired furnishings and authentic merchandise.





I love, love these pastel-colored beaded lamps.  I think they’re made of wood.



My Big Spot Large Zip Bag felt so at home at Vanilla Cupcake Bakery.


In case you didn’t know, Vanilla Cupcake Bakery is now serving hot meals.  I had Salisbury Steak (P265.00), which comes with 2 burger patties.  Super sulit!


Look, my cutlery set is also from Cath Kidston.


I’m not really a fan of iced tea drinks, but I can’t resist ordering their Apple Iced Tea (P75.00) because it’s served in a cute mason jar mug.


The candy-colored walls of Vanilla Cupcake Bakery are filled with inspiring messages.




Of course, dining at Vanilla Cupcake Bakery will not be complete without having one of their pretty and yummy cupcakes:




For my dessert, I chose Vanilla Cupcake Bakery’s signature Ensaymada Cupcake (P75.00), paired with strong, black coffee:


What to love about this cupcake:  the melt-in-your mouth texture and all the cheesy goodness!


All cups and mugs in this cupcake bakery-turned-cafe are from Cath Kidston.


What a perfect way to spend the afternoon, after cleaning our apartment all morning in preparation for AJ’s return hehe!  Although I didn’t take home a set of Cath Kidston stationery, I felt content na rin after seeing all the pretty paper products at National Bookstore, and then spending time at a Cath Kidston-inspired cupcake bakery/cafe.

Cath Kidston stationery are available at National Bookstore (please check with National Bookstore which branches are carrying these products).

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery  |  Ground Floor, Glorietta 3 North Drive, Ayala Center, Makati

(All photos were taken using my Lenovo K900 android mobile phone.)


Bag Crush: Fossil Sydney Satchel Bag

I can’t seem to get my mind off these satchel /doctor’s bags I spotted at the Fossil shop in Robinson’s Place (Manila) 2 weeks ago:


I love the simple, elegant look of these bags, plus the versatility of wearing it as either a handbag or a cross-body bag.

I’d learn that this bag crush of mine is called Sydney Satchel, made of buttery leather and comes in various neutral and rich shades.


The Fossil Sydney Satchel bag in action:


(All fashion photos above are from

I came up with this collage of colors that I liked for my bag, if and when I get to buy it hehe!


I have 3 top favorites here, which you can easily spot because I made them appear bigger in the collage:


The colors are called Mushroom (grey), Watermelon (pink red) and Dark Turquoise (blue).  I like the Dark Turquoise bag best.  I seriously want it to be my first blue bag!  (Yes, I don’t have any bag in this shade yet!)

Kaso wala yung color picks ko from our local Fossil stores, so I’ll have to order it online.

The Sydney Satchel bag retails at $178.00 (about Php 7,800.00), which surprised me ‘cos that’s almost the price here in Manila (it’s Php 7,500.00 at Robinson’s Manila pa nga, if I remember correctly).

So if I want my online purchase to be sulit, I better do it when there’s a huge sale and my bag color choices are on sale, too.

Whaddya think of the Sydney Satchel bag, ladies?  I am so into it already!


A Royal Engagement Ring for Marian

Everyone’s still talking about Marian Rivera’s engagement ring – a Harry Winston emerald-cut diamond ring, no less!

I’d say Dingdong Dantes couldn’t have chosen a better ring for his queen, who now shares the distinction of having the same engagement ring design as the late Grace Kelly, an American actress and once Princess of Monaco.


Grace Kelly’s ring was from Cartier, while Marian’s from Harry Winston.  The fiance really did his research because the emerald-cut diamond engagement ring he got for Marian is Harry Winston’s pioneer, not to mention classic, design.


Harry Winston is also known as the jeweler to stars, revolutionizing red carpet glamour since 1943, so it’s just fitting that the love of his life – the Primetime Queen herself – should shine in Harry Winston diamonds.

Another Hollywood celebrity spotted wearing similar engagement ring design is Kate Hudson.  According to US Weekly, “Hudson’s platinum-set ring with an emerald-cut diamond and tapered baguettes on the side is approximately nine carats and has an estimated value of a whopping $200,000“.


And Marian’s ring?  I’m sure it has estimated value of millions of pesos.

You must be wondering: is emerald-cut diamond better then the more familiar round-cut diamond in engagement rings?

First of all, both are very good choices.  But round-cut or brilliant-cut diamond is still the most popular among all the shapes of diamonds in engagement rings because it exhibits the best light reflection.

Here’s a good illustration of how light is reflected back in a brilliant-cut round diamond, or how it “sparkles”:

Those facets (58 all) have to be very precise in measurements to achieve the diamond’s maximum brilliance and fire.

And here’s my all-time favorite engagement-ring design:

Find_Your_Perfect_Engagement_Ring_The 4Cs and Beyond_5x2

I love the simplicity of this platinum band which highlights the brilliant-cut diamond at the center.

Emerald-cut diamonds, on the other hand, “produce a hall-of-mirrors effect, with the interplay of light and dark planes. While less fiery, the long lines and dramatic flashes of light give the emerald cut an elegant appeal. ” (source).   

And it’s precisely the elegant appeal of emerald-cut stones that made it the favorite choice of royalties, like:

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark:


Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall:


Countess Stephanie de Lannoy of Belgium:


Without doubt, the emerald-cut diamond is perfect for Marian’s royal beauty:

Congrats to the power couple!  And take very good care of the ring, Marian.  Don’t lose it carelessly like Shamcey!


Note Cards from Tulisan

I’m a person who never tire of receiving note cards.  I love receiving them!

But these note cards sent by Mba Dyah (all the way from Indonesia) are more special, because they are from one of my favorite brands: Tulisan!


The brand Tulisan must be very familiar with you now because I already have a handcrafted clutch from their collection (thanks Mba Dyah!) and the hobo tote bag that I am using right now at the office.

This pack of note cards is already beautiful to look at from its box alone.


It contains 10 folded blank cards with matching envelopes, in 2 coordinating illustrated designs.



Yes, I can feel that it’s really made with love.


There are currently 4 designs available, all of which are equally pretty and tempting (to buy!):




Click HERE to shop for these lovely Tulisan Note Cards, and am sure you too will be hooked in no time!


Power Breakfast with Nesvita

I’ve not been diligent in updating my blog these past few days because I’ve been bringing work at home again (and answering emails at 10 p.m., yikes!), plus I’ve been ‘home alone’ for a week now because AJ is on a 3-week technical training abroad.

It’s our first time (as married couple) to be away from each other this long, but thanks to Viber and Skype, we are able to stay connected.  I’m also grateful to be living near my parents’ house so my dinner, and transpo to and from work, are taken care of hehe!  In fact, I feel that I’m back to being their ‘baby’ haha!

And so, this has been my schedule the past week:  buried at work from morning till afternoon, then deretso bahay to rest and have dinner with my parents.  I will watch a movie or read a book after that, while having my after-dinner coffee.  Then I am ready to go over my unfinished reports, and sweep clean my emails for the day.

I know this schedule is unhealthy, but it works for me.   Before I got married, I am used to working overtime till 8:30 p.m.  I find that I become “productive” again when I work at night.  Maybe it’s the coffee or the total silence around me, but what takes me half a day to finish in the office takes only 30 minutes to finish at home.

As a result, I feel very hungry when I wake up the next morning, and a bit sluggish too dahil nagpuyat, hihi!  But before I know it, I’m once again immersed in the myriad activities at work and nawawala yung feeling na pagod ako from last night.

I think the secret is to have a good and balanced breakfast, and for me, that means there should be some meat or egg (for protein), rice or bread (for carbo), and banana (for potassium).  And coffee, of course.  I don’t skip breakfast because I need all the energy I could get to survive the day.

And that is why it pleased me no end to find that Nesvita Philippines has sent me these earlier this week:


I myself buy Nesvita cereal milk drinks and when I get sawa na with the breakfast food at the office, I switch to Nesvita.

It’s a good thing they now come in 3 variants (Original, Choco Malt and Sweet Corn), so I have more options for flavors.  Of the 3, the Choco Malt is my favorite.


It’s high in fiber that helps regulate digestion, has essential nutrients such as Vitamins A, B and C and high in calcium to keep your bones strong. What a power pack!


Preparing this cereal milk drink is as easy as preparing your milk or chocolate drink.  Just add water (hot or cold), stir and you’re done.

While others choose to take this as a drink (in a mug), I still prefer putting it in a container (like the Hello Kitty x Lock & Lock container above) and spooning the cereals.  Try adding in sliced banana, and you get that classic choco banana flavor!

Thanks Nestle Philippines for thinking of me and making my breakfast complete and healthier with Nesvita!


Nesvita Philippines  |  |    Instagram @nesvitaphilippines