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I never thought I’ll be a fan of e-zines (referring to small magazines and newsletters distributed online) until my cousin introduced me to the Flipboard app.  Since then, I’ve downloaded and bookmarked in both my mobile phone and laptop the following news magazines:  Rappler, BBC News and Time Magazine.

Whereas my choices for news magazines are wide and varied, I find that for lifestyle magazines there are only a handful that I liked – especially local-based ones.  I have the SHE website of Yahoo! Philippines, as well as the US websites Good Housekeeping and Martha Stewart for recipe ideas, well-being, home and organizing tips.

I have often wondered why we cannot have something like Martha Stewart’s here in Manila.  The closest we have are our local blogs, but then there is not one that I know of which combines all I want to read in one blog or content website.

P&G’s EverydayMe website, which was launched at the posh The Conservatory at Manila Peninsula last week, finally filled this void for me.  The site features informational and interesting articles and videos on various passion points of women.

To introduce the website’s look and feel to the media guests and bloggers, The Conservatory was transformed into an intimate gathering place filled with fresh flowers and pretty centerpieces – a visual feast to everyone present during the launching – which includes me, your reluctant events blogger hehe!



We entered a world of “fabulous finds”, “relaxation” and “pampering” during the launch; bringing into life how EverydayMe’s articles and other features will feel like.  There were personal care stations that showed the guests how to customize their own tea bags and lip balms.

Ang lakas lang maka-magnet ng kanilang afternoon tea station.




Here’s the tea blend that I made there. It smelled and tasted really good.


The lip balm station was a big hit with the fashion bloggers invited to the event.




The EverydayMe website will feature contents from top bloggers and personalities like celebrity mom Jenni Epperson, trendsetter Kim Jones-Rosales (a.k.a. Miss Jones), Frances Amper Sales (yey!), Patty Laurel, Jackie Go, Camille Co and Sam Oh.

As a preview to what their celebrity contributors will share, P&G showcased Kim and Jennie’s fab travel finds and must-haves in form of separate installations inside the venue.

Kim’s World:


Jenni’s World:


Misses Jenni and Kim during the launch of EverydayMe:


EverydayMe is a membership site that will feature global and local articles on beauty, food, fashion and well-being.  Its members can stay ahead of the pack through trend forecasts and exclusive product launch announcements from P&G.


Members will also be able to add to the site’s rich content by contributing their own product ratings and reviews!


I have already browsed through the site’s contents, and my favorites right now are those under Good to Know  (check it out under the Food Section) for the useful articles and interesting visuals…


…and the DIY Tips (under Home and Garden), for that crafty in me!


One thing I noticed though is that their registration page is not working properly.  But don’t fret.  Even without registering yet you can already have access to the wealth of information available at EverydayMe.  Yun nga lang, the exclusive welcome kit (which comes with the membership card ) will have to wait hehe!

Check out now, and learn from the various topics that cover health, beauty, family life and smart shopping, among others.  Let us be empowered and live life smartly!  =)

(P.S. Big thanks to Nuffnang Philippines for inviting me to this event!)


Potter’s Ridge Hotel

I woke up to a very humid and hot Sunday today.  Ang hirap tuloy maglinis ng bahay, hehe!  The hot weather made me miss the hotel we stayed in at Tagaytay a few weeks ago – Potter’s Ridge Hotel – and its open space lay-out that allows the guests to enjoy the cool Tagaytay breeze any time of the day.




The hotel looks unimposing outside, and I wondered how can its 19 rooms (as advertised) could fit in these 2 floors.


It turned out I was looking at the topmost floors of the hotel only, with three (3) more floors below where the rooms and function rooms are located.

I instantly fell in love with their dining area.  This is my dream space for our future Tagaytay home! Big windows, wood-based furniture and Bali-style interiors.



Ang sarap din mag-ikot ikot inside the hotel.  So many pretty stuff to look at.  You can find a quiet corner here and finish a book without any distractions.  I felt so at home here, because para na rin syang bahay talaga.




We booked the Standard/Superior Room at P3,850/night, including breakfast.  It’s very clean, nicely decorated but the aircon’s a bit old already and not that powerful.  It’s a good thing you don’t need a super big aircon in Tagaytay because of its natural cool climate at night which lingers until early morning.


The room has a wooden cabinet for your clothes, and small LCD monitor + DVD for watching movies.  You can rent DVDs at the front desk at no extra cost.


The CR in our room is also a bit old, but I didn’t find it creepy naman, hehe!  It’s definitely not hotel-grade, and the hot water comes from a regular water heater (the one installed in the bathroom).  There are complementary towels, soaps and toothbrush kits available, though.

Since we’re out most of the time, I’d say our room was able to meet our needs.  The location is also perfect for those who wanted a really good night sleep (like us!) because it’s far from the city proper and therefore far from the crowd and music noise.

I wish I’d taken the Deluxe Room (P5,500/night) because it’s bigger than our room and the CR’s far better-looking, too.



And maybe if we’re not on a budget (or there’s a generous promo rate), I would have gotten the Junior Suite (P7,500/night) because it has a close-to-hotel type CR and  because of the fantastic view outside.  Hindi mo na gugustuhin na lumabas pa, hehe!




Notice that the TV’s bigger here too, so perfect for lounging and resting talaga.  I’d recommend this room over the others, even though it’s a bit pricey, because here I feel mas sulit yung experience sa hotel.  I love, love the homey ambiance of this room.

The hotel does not offer buffet breakfast meals, but nothing beats home-cooked breakfast meals pa rin, paired with pressed Amadeo coffee and fresh Tagaytay pineapples.


If you are tired of staying in commercial hotels in Tagaytay and wanted to experience a “home away from home” weekend there, give Potter’s Ridge Hotel a try.

Potter’s Ridge Hotel is located at Km. 67, Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City. 


Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm

The highlight of our weekend trip in Tagaytay some 2 weeks ago was our visit to Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm.  Although we’ve been to Tagaytay countless times already, we never got around to checking out the place until 2 weeks ago.




Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm turned out to be more than just a bee farm.  It is also an animal sanctuary where chickens, geese, bunnies, birds, dogs and cats live together and in peace.






The Bee Museum.  Ilog Maria also offers self-tours and group tour packages.  For more details, click here.


These are the equipment being used in harvesting honey and in making honey-based products like soaps, candles, etc.


The Ilog Maria Shop.


Feast your eyes on these natural products that are good on you and your wallets too (‘cos they’re not expensive at all!).








They also sell beeswax candles in various designs and shapes.




I bought plenty of their feminine wash soaps.  It’s my favorite product from Ilog Maria.


I also bought a big bottle of natural bee pollen, which I learned has enormous health benefits!  Aside from providing complete nutrition, it helps in weight loss, premature aging and in preventing viral infections because of its antibiotic properties.


We now take a teaspoon of this daily before eating breakfast. Both AJ and I observed that we have extended energy levels now than before.


The bee pollen has a generally sweet taste.  You are supposed to eat it like a candy – let it melt in your mouth then finish it with a glass of water. I hope you could try it too so you can experience for yourself its natural wonders.

AJ and I had a wonderful time at Ilog Maria’s Honeybee Farm.  It opened our eyes not just to the benefits of this liquid gold you call honey; but more importantly,  it made us appreciate nature’s gifts to us. A tour around the farm gave us a feeling of being one with nature; a general state of bliss, so to speak.

The Ilog Maria Shop, on the other hand, is not just a place to shop.  It’s also a learning place where one will discover the immense benefits of honey, and the other products you can make from honey, bee propolis, bee pollen and beeswax, among others.  Now I truly understand it when Benjamin Franklin said:

Nothing but honey is sweeter than money.

I highly encourage you to visit the Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm.  Take a day off and see the place.  It is located at  Km. 47, Aguinaldo Highway, Lalaan 1, Silang, Cavite. 


PiP Studio

If UK has Cath Kidston, then the Netherlands has PiP Studio.

Ms. Ellen of The Pseudoshrink introduced me to this brand which, like Cath Kidston, has an extensive array of  pretty products ranging from kitchen items to home decorations to stationery and homewear, among others.  The brand is also known for its colorful and detailed illustrations of flowers and birds which I almost took for a painting.

And why wasn’t I be surprised with that?  Dutch painters were, after all, renowned for their detailed realism method in painting.  They were revered all over Europe during the 17th century for their artistic efforts.  They were so popular back then that this period became known as their Dutch Golden Age (source).

Over at PiP Studio, I get this feeling that I’m browsing through a museum shop or an art gallery, instead of an online shop.  Everything there looks ‘beautifully painted’.  I cannot help but look at each item closely for the details.

And whereas I was drawn to Florals and Spots & Dots at Cath Kidston, here at PiP Studio it’s all about birds!   Look at my store picks highlighting these winged beauties:


  1. Cheese Plate (Early Birds Khaki)
  2. Hanger Bird with Pink Ball
  3. Love Birds Sugar Bowl
  4. Cushion (Morning Glory Yellow)
  5. Giftbox Heart-Shaped Plate (Red)
  6. Love Birds Mug 
  7. My Dearest Cushion (Blue)

And that’s not all.  They have the gorgeous wallpapers I’ve ever seen.  Here are my top picks:

Pwede nang maging mini-museums ang rooms natin with these wallpapers.  =)

And now, the mahiwagang tanong:  Am I going to buy at PiP’s?

Ms. Ellen knows the answer, hihi!


The Travel Club’s Trade-In Sale


The Travel Club’s Trade-In Sale is on and will be having its last day tomorrow (Sunday)!

I’ve been looking forward to this sale since we have 3 bags here that AJ and I no longer use and at the same time, we wanted to buy another Healthy Back Bag for our travels.

With the Trade-In Sale, we can swap our used bags for new bags at really great discounts.

Note, though, that the discounts apply only to participating brands at The Travel Club.  Not all brands and not all items are discounted but still, ang dami pa ring good deals!

AJ and I brought 3 used bags at their store in Shangri-La Mall today, which were swapped to 3 new bags at discounted prices: a Healthy Bag Back (in light grey) which we got at 40% off, a High Sierra backpack at 60% off, and a Travelon anti-theft bag (in red) which was discounted at 15%.


Napaaga ang pasko namin, hehe!

Total damage to our wallets:  just a little over P4,000 for 3 bags originally worth P7,400++

Catch the last day of the Trade-In Sale tomorrow!  The details are in the poster above.  Happy bag hunting!