The Business of Fast Fashion


It's the end-of-season sale once again and at Glorietta last weekend, I saw lots of clothing shops on sale frenzy (again!), giving discounts to as big as 70%.  These shops already gave huge discounts in their last summer sale, and here they are at it again. I wonder at how these merchants earn profit.  What's the mark-up then when they can slash prices off to as much as ... READ MORE

A Maitre Chocolatier in Makati

Sweet Ebony

I am not exactly what you call a chocoholic, but I love to have good quality chocolates from time to time. It is my husband who actually loves chocolates (you gotta check out his chocolate cake recipes HERE and HERE), so it was not a surprise that he saw this little chocolate shop along Jupiter Street in Makati while driving, and I (who was on the lookout for a nice dessert ... READ MORE

Starting my day right with McDonald’s all-new Cheesy Eggdesal

Cheesy Eggdesal 1

I am a breakfast person.  I can skip lunch but not breakfast.  I go to the office extra early so I can enjoy my breakfast longer, then I'm off to a busy day with meetings and/or projects to attend to. When it comes to breakfast food, I am not exactly picky.  On an ordinary day I would have pandesal + scrambled eggs + black coffee (no sugar, no cream).  Or just Nestlé Acti-V ... READ MORE

Inexpensive Gold at National Bookstore


I almost squealed with delight when I saw this set of gold paper and binder clips at National Bookstore earlier.  Priced at only Php 170.00 (or less than $4.00), these are definitely inexpensive gold nuggets hihi!  Lakas pa maka-Kate Spade! Sorry for the bad lighting.  I took pictures of these right after I got home ('cos I can't wait till tomorrow to share my good ... READ MORE

Food Post: KyoChon Korean Fried Chicken


I have not been updated with the changing food scene in Manila, so when the hubby and I checked out KyoChon at Estancia Mall in Capitol Commons, my excitement level was not at all high.  After all, this isn't the first time I'm having Korean fried chicken.  I've been to Bonchon and Holdak a number of times so what else could be new with this one? Does this description in ... READ MORE

Swiss Blue Topaz


I'm quite enjoying the chilly December-like weather we are having right now so I decided to feature this jewelry piece I'm actually reserving for December, highlighting that month's precious gemstone: blue topaz. Blue topaz comes in various hues of blue: from naturally light to greenish blue to sky blue to ocean blue to royal blue.  But here's what you should know: deeper ... READ MORE

The Good Stuff #8


The foodie in me strikes again! Here's another round-up of good food I've discovered (and re-discovered) the past months: Veal Cheeks Ravioli at Va Bene Pasta Deli.   A ravioli dish like no other.  Portobello mushroom sauce, veal juice and parmesan cheese makes up this ordinary looking but divine pasta dish. Dynamite Roll at Jipan. Since I discovered this ... READ MORE

Minions take over McDonald’s!


The Minions are back and they have officially taken over McDonald's! A full Minion experience awaits, as Kevin, Stuart, and Bob - stars of the Minions Movie - bring us the Minions Banana Festival. Get ready to go ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-nana every time you enter a McDonald's store with the new Minions Happy Meal toys - 10 Minions collectibles now available in store - and the Minions ... READ MORE