Christmas Home Decors at The Landmark


It's that time of the year again! Christmas trees are now on display at the Landmark and they're all so festive! My favorite is the one decked with polyresin figurines of Santa Claus, angels and snowmen: Up close: I found the wooden carousels as ornaments in another Christmas tree.  It comes in pack of 6's and costs only ... READ MORE

Christmas Candy Jars


It's gonna be October in a few days and I have not even started with my Christmas list yet!  But I have a good idea already of what to give as Christmas giveaways this year: glass jars filled with Christmas-themed candies.  I like the idea of giving something reusable and filled with sweet treats! How about these as inspirations? Here's another version of ... READ MORE

Colouring for Mindfulness


I have to confess, the trend of adult coloring books was at first totally unappealing to me.  I mean, I have a lot on my plate already, how can I still find time for this?  Also, they're just 'coloring books' and yet they cost more than P500.00? Crazy, right? Since most bookstores have started carrying these adult coloring books (even occupying most of the display tables and ... READ MORE

Sapphire: The September Birthstone


Finally found an opportune moment to feature the newest addition to my jewelry box: the Oval Blue Sapphire and Diamond Micropavé Ring that I asked my partner jeweler to make for me.   It's always been my wish to own a blue oval sapphire ring (even though my birth month is February, not September), and thanks to some earnings I got from blogging (and my mid-year ... READ MORE

The Queen’s Momentous Day (and another teacup story)


September 9 was a special day for Britain as Queen Elizabeth II officially became the country's longest serving monarch, surpassing the record of Queen Victoria, her great-great grandmother. She is now the oldest reigning monarch in the world, serving with that same dedication and discipline for the past 63 years. The Queen was only 25 when she acceded the throne, ... READ MORE

Tagged with Love!

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Sorry I have been filling up this blog with mostly shopping finds!  But they're all good stuff, anyway so I hope it makes everybody happy too, hehe! Let me just share with you these handmade gift tags I ordered from Tagged with Love (formerly  It took a while for the gift tags to arrive from the U.S. (something must be done with our local postal service, argh!) ... READ MORE

LBC Shipping Cart: A Review


(Text by our resident guest writer - AJ De Leon. Pictures by yours truly.) I really wanted that bowling ball, for the fact that it looks so cool and different. That it’s unavailable to purchase from bowling pro shops here in our country added to its desirability factor.  Plus, we were thinking that shipping a heavy item like this ball is one good way to measure how LBC would ... READ MORE

A Bag Give Away!


Yes, I'm having a bag give away - as in I'm giving away a bag of mine  =) But first, a little story about the bag (and please don't judge me, awright?). I brought my favorite oversized Balenciaga motorcycle bag at ColorWash Greenhills last year for cleaning, and also to seek expert help in removing the smell that I think came from the molds I tried to remove many times ... READ MORE