Swiss Blue Topaz


I'm quite enjoying the chilly December-like weather we are having right now so I decided to feature this jewelry piece I'm actually reserving for December, highlighting that month's precious gemstone: blue topaz. Blue topaz comes in various hues of blue: from naturally light to greenish blue to sky blue to ocean blue to royal blue.  But here's what you should know: deeper ... READ MORE

Stackable Perky Rings


I have long loved the idea of building up my finger bling and then interchange them to make it appear that I'm wearing a different kind of ring every day.  I shared this 'idea' to my partner jeweler and showed her my pegs (including Tiffany's Celebration Rings) and together, we came up with these solid 14k white gold rings with colorful gemstones as a way to celebrate the ... READ MORE

Movies and Gemstones in my Mind


The recently concluded Star Magic Ball inspired me to collaborate with my Bulacan-based jeweler for the design and gemstone choices of these pretty and eye-catching earrings. And because it's a showbiz event which inspired the creation of these earrings, I decided to name each pair after the film which came to mind after I saw the actual pieces. Pretty in Baby Pink and ... READ MORE