Exploring Kyoto + Osaka, the DIY Way (Day 1)


The first 2 days of our trip was spent in Kyoto, and in those 2 days we have to commute all the way from Osaka because of the 'slight' change I had to make with our AirBnB booking.   As mentioned in my previous post, the original plan was to stay overnight in Kyoto (so from the airport we would have traveled directly to Kyoto) and  then move to Osaka on the eve of our second ... READ MORE

Cebu’s Taoist Temple

The Taoist Temple in Cebu City is easily one of the places that you will love to take pictures of - with its colorful temples, structures and oriental figurines that clearly showcase the best in Chinese architecture.   It's actually not just one temple (as its name suggests), but a number of temples nestled inside a wealthy subdivision named Beverly Hills.   It is the center of ... READ MORE