Lomonosov “Bridesmaid / Baskets” Pattern Teapot


Just when I thought I have given my wallet a breather by not actively looking for teacups to buy, I saw a Lomonosov teapot being sold in a group selling site at Facebook. I immediately recognized the design as the "Bridesmaid" (or "Baskets") pattern that was first introduced in the '70s, and combines the following trademark designs of Lomonosov: the fishnet (but ... READ MORE

Imperial Porcelain’s Singing Garden


Sharing with you my latest tea cup find:  the beautiful Singing Garden design from Imperial Porcelain Russia.  I bought this set of tea cup, saucer and cake plate from an Instagram reseller: @londontrolley.  It was an unscheduled purchase; I was just browsing through her Instagram feed when I saw this set on sale! The Singing Garden is a beautiful design by the celebrated ... READ MORE

Affordable Designer Teacups at Cristina Re

Classic White Polka Dots (photo source HERE)

Thanks to Instragram and its wonderful community of teacup collectors, I was led to this high teaware brand from Australia named after its founder: Cristina Re. Cristina Re is an Italian-born, Australian-based designer who built her now 15-year brand from weddings.  Yes, weddings!)  She is known as the original founder of DIY stationery concept, providing quality designer ... READ MORE

From Russia with Love: Lomonosov Porcelain


Here's another teacup story, originating all the way from Russia and with a colorful history to share, too. A teacup collector would not miss Lomonosov's Cobalt Net design because of this interesting fact: it was based on the blue net pattern painted into the porcelain dinnerware pieces of Catherine the Great (source). More than that, I think what makes owning a ... READ MORE

The Queen’s Momentous Day (and another teacup story)


September 9 was a special day for Britain as Queen Elizabeth II officially became the country's longest serving monarch, surpassing the record of Queen Victoria, her great-great grandmother. She is now the oldest reigning monarch in the world, serving with that same dedication and discipline for the past 63 years. The Queen was only 25 when she acceded the throne, ... READ MORE

The start of my tea cup collection


Remember the Royal Albert tea cup and saucer set I gifted myself with for my birthday this year? I bought that from @paperstrawlove, an IG seller carrying the finest brands of home and kitchenware. Her catalog of vintage tea cups is to die for! Since then, I have been dreaming of my own tea cup collection.  I am especially drawn to those in white, black, gold and blue ... READ MORE

Cath Kidston’s Summer Sale!


Check it out, ladies!  Cath Kidston's biggest sale (of the year) is now on!  Just click on the banner above and start shopping away! I haven't decided yet if I will buy from this sale, but seeing that there are lots of items marked down at 40%, I might just swipe my credit card away! Thankfully, I am eyeing only 1 item - a cup and saucer set - but I wanted to get 6 of ... READ MORE

Tea Cup for my Birthday


February is my birth month, so it is only but fitting that I chose this particular tea cup and saucer set from Royal Albert's "Flower of the Month" series, which I bought from @paperstrawlove. This beautiful Royal Albert tea cup and saucer set is already vintage (having been released in the 70's) but it's in very pristine, almost new, condition that I didn't mind paying ... READ MORE