Motivational Things and Muji Pens

As a young girl, I always look forward to the little "rewards" I get from my parents every time I get good grades in school.   It may be a Hello Kitty pencil or a small toy or a school accessory of my fancy.   When I was in high school it became shirts and branded jeans.   Then I think in college it became extra money (allowance) hehe. The material rewards (however small it ... READ MORE

Surprises about Wedding Gifts

This post comes a little late.   I was supposed to blog about our wedding gifts but I totally forgot about it and now we're using most of them already hehe.Since, we did not specifically ask for monetary gifts, AJ and I received plenty of gifts.We had fun opening gifts (most of them in SM wedding wrappers in plain silver because our gift registry was from SM) and ... READ MORE

An Erasable Pen

My officemate, CDR, gave me this wonder pen from the Pilot brand.  I call it a wonder pen because it's erasable!  Pilot's Frixion Erasable Gel Pen is a very convenient pen for me who corrects memos, correspondences and reports among others.   You know my handwriting is not something I can boast of, and I make corrections by crossing out  ... READ MORE

From Japan Home

We buy most of our plastic organizers and containers from Japan Home because of their durability, functionality and price (all items are priced at P88, unless otherwise indicated).We recently bought this multi-purpose storage box to store our bread and other snacks in:I looked closely at the front label and it says:  "Rangement Cabinet shelf":A case of ... READ MORE

In my Wish List: A Satchel Bag

I'm seriously liking satchel bags right now and would like to own one. But I can't decide between Schu's Cambridge Satchel Bag (especially the purple at the middle): Or Topshop's Medium Leather Satchel bag.  It's looks so soft and roomy ( I hope this is still being sold at their shops): Or Topaz Horizon's handmade leather satchel bag (this one's really cute and made in ... READ MORE

Loving Saizen!

I've heard a lot of good reviews about Saizen, a Japanese franchise store that sells cheap, functional and cute items from Japan.  Everything there sells at P85.00.  Last Saturday I had my chance to finally see the store when AJ took me there while we were strolling at Robinson's Galleria.The store really looks inviting...I don't know how I did it, but I ... READ MORE

A Great Bargain Find!

We were strolling around Greenhills last Saturday and we passed by Unimart to buy cloth hangers.There I found these really pretty glass Luminarc ashrays at a big, big discount!Just check the price tag:Less than $2 each!   It was definitely a steal so we bought 2 pieces of this:The ashrays were big (almost  the same size as our saucers) and we placed one at ... READ MORE

Membership Shopping at S&R

I used to be a member of S&R.  I buy some of my Christmas presents there and the shrimp garlic pizza which I oh-so-love.  But after a 1-year membership, I decided not to renew it because I thought P700 is too much for privilege shopping (you don't get discounts with the card) and I really don't buy lots of household items and groceries back then because ... READ MORE