April showers bring May flowers


Sweet April showers. Do spring May flowers. - Thomas Tusser, 1557 I will forever remember May 2016 as the month where I celebrated a lot of milestones - at work mostly, but it's also my wedding anniversary month so I'm really overflowing with love and gratefulness! Let me share with you some of last month's highlights: A tour of the National Museum of the ... READ MORE

A Week-Long (Free) Vacation


Where and how did you spend your APEC week vacation? I spent mine mostly at home; taking the days off as opportunity to catch up on cleaning and to do the things that were forever in my to-do lists. It was not purely R&R though; I have to check my office email at least once a day to see if there are urgent matters to attend to, update reports and review our ... READ MORE

Oh, Love Co: Lovelier the 2nd Pair Around


The last time I bought myself shoes was last year, and it a yummy purple ballet shoes from Oh, Love Co., aptly called First Love: You can read about my First Love pair HERE. I knew from the first time I wore my ube-colored flats that this was not the last time I will buy from Oh Love.  I secretly wished for a black ballet flats with bows on top so I can finally put to ... READ MORE

Easter Sale!


There is an ongoing sale (and a BIG sale at that) at my site partners' online stores, and I am so tempted to buy, buy, buy even if I don't have an immediate need for them because, alam nyo na, sayang ang sale hehe! But I think these purchases can be justified as 'investments', particularly for my "travel essentials".  You see, AJ and I are seriously thinking of traveling to ... READ MORE

“Oh, Love” Shoes are here!


I love wearing ballet flats!  Now that I'm getting older, it's no longer advisable for me to wear high and stiletto heels (yea, I used to wear those!).  But I am very picky when it comes to buying them ballet flats because: (1) I have wide feet and (2) the shoes have to be really soft or else I won't last a day wearing them. For the longest time, only my black ballet pumps ... READ MORE

BOGO Sale at Payless.com


For a limited time, Payless.com in the US is having a Buy One, Get One (BOGO) Sale covering ALL their merchandise! I was browsing through pages and pages of shoes from their online catalog and I instantly liked these 2 pairs: The crocheted slip-on shoes from Airwalk is so cute and dainty, while the navy blue-and-white strip design of Rugged Outback's rain boots is ... READ MORE

My Wish List at Zalora…


Today I was inspired to create a collage similar to Daphne's collages which she features regularly in her blog.  I always look forward to seeing the lovely items that she would put up together, and I don't know how she does it but they always look well curated.  So I hope she won't mind me doing something similar for my blog because I, too, loves creating picture ... READ MORE

Sweet Birthday Gifts


It's been a week since my birthday and I am still feeling high over the (almost) week-long celebration I had!    Not to mention the sweet gifts I got from my family and friends =) From AJ, I got this FitFlop pair in perfect pewter color.  I've been eyeing this pair for some time and I'm so happy I now have it! I prefer these slide Fitflop sandals over thongs.   It's ... READ MORE