The Good Stuff


Just sharing with you some of my recent discoveries these past weeks... Baker's Twines from Paper Chic Studio.   I have been stalking Paper Chic Studio's facebook page for a time, hoping to buy some of their baker's twines and colorful loot bags but I could not make the order form work.    Then at the eve of the Chinese New Year, while waiting for the clock to strike 12, I ... READ MORE

Bargain Finds at the Robinson’s Warehouse Sale

I can't believe how far my P1,000.00 (about $24.00 at current exchange rate) went when I looked at the items I bought from last weekend's warehouse sale at World Trade Center, sponsored by Robinson's Mall and Metrobank Credit Card. Side story:  I went with AJ and my cousin, Mae Anne, and almost backed out when we were told that the sale is exclusive to Metrobank ... READ MORE

The Multi-Tasking Lemon

Can you guess what these are? Lemon peels! I'm having them dried under the sun when I took this picture last weekend.  I learned from Real Living's pocket magazine, Handy Hints and Instant Makeovers, that placing dried lemon peels in kitchen corners will keep insects away.   They also ward off silverfish (those little silver creatures you find your closets) and are a ... READ MORE