Product Review: Lenovo Vibe Shot


I got myself a new Android smartphone 2 weekends ago, the Lenovo Vibe Shot. I've been using Lenovo gadgets for close to 2 years now and I'm very satisfied with their performance.  The smartphone I was using before the upgrade was Lenovo K900 and it has served as my camera backup in many occasions, earning raves from my colleagues and readers alike when they saw my crisp and ... READ MORE

LBC Shipping Cart: A Review


(Text by our resident guest writer - AJ De Leon. Pictures by yours truly.) I really wanted that bowling ball, for the fact that it looks so cool and different. That it’s unavailable to purchase from bowling pro shops here in our country added to its desirability factor.  Plus, we were thinking that shipping a heavy item like this ball is one good way to measure how LBC would ... READ MORE

Starting my day right with McDonald’s all-new Cheesy Eggdesal

Cheesy Eggdesal 1

I am a breakfast person.  I can skip lunch but not breakfast.  I go to the office extra early so I can enjoy my breakfast longer, then I'm off to a busy day with meetings and/or projects to attend to. When it comes to breakfast food, I am not exactly picky.  On an ordinary day I would have pandesal + scrambled eggs + black coffee (no sugar, no cream).  Or just Nestlé Acti-V ... READ MORE

Product Review: Novuhair 3-in-1 Pack Organic Hair Solution


The combination of age (I'm in my late 30's), thyroid disease (hyperthyroidism) and a stressful work environment made me very prone to hair loss.  I've actually been observing this since I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism more than 10 years ago, but it was not until recently that I decided to really do something about it because I feared that as I grow older, the ... READ MORE

Product Review: Asahi Convection Oven


If I will be asked to name a kitchen appliance that newly-wed couples should immediately invest in, it's the convection oven.  We belatedly bought ours in August last year and right now, we use it more than we use our microwave oven and gas stove.  There's just so much you can do with a convection oven and so much flexibility as compared to, say, microwave oven or oven ... READ MORE

Product Review: Terro Ant Killer


I'm introducing something new at The Bright Spot this year, and that is a regular feature on the products that I've tested or used, and can swear by its effectiveness (or the lack of it). I've done product reviews in this blog years ago but they're not as detailed as I wanted them now to be.  Also, product reviews this time will have a label ("Product Review") in the post ... READ MORE