Review: Cath Kidston’s 25th Anniversary Clutch and Mini-Purse


My favorite British brand, Cath Kidston, is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year 2018, and to mark this milestone event, a limited collection of bags, purses, clothes, among others, was released under their '25th Birthday Collection' issue. The drool-worthy anniversary collection pieces are now available online, and this much I can tell you: all  items from the ... READ MORE

Calling for the Filipinos’ Waterproof Spirit


I made this blog entry exactly in August last year in the aftermath of "The Wrath of the Monsoon". It seems that weather disturbances like these are now part of the cycle and this year, unfortunately, it happened again. Taking the same precautions I did last year, I chose to stay at home in the past 2 days instead of braving the floodwater to get to work.  But I'm ... READ MORE

‘The Filipino Spirit is Waterproof’

These are just some of the artworks that have been making rounds at Facebook.  I soon learned that Ayala Museum called on artists and graphic designers to submit their works inspired by this encouraging mantra that gives homage to our bayanihan (camaraderie) spirit: "The Filipino spirit is waterproof". Check out more of these inspiring artworks at ... READ MORE