Exploring Tokyo, the DIY Way (Day 1)


The hubby and I just spent six (6) full-packed days in Tokyo last week, and this being our first trip together abroad (and our first time too in Tokyo), we wanted to make the most out of our stay by visiting as many places as we can, try as many authentic Japanese food as we can, and - a "must" for me of course - stop (not shop) at every Hello Kitty boutique I can find there ... READ MORE

Winner of the Photobook Give Away!


As promised, I'm announcing today the winner of the Photobook voucher I am giving away last week - to one (1) lucky reader of The Bright Spot! The voucher is for an 11×8.5 Medium Landscape Imagewrap photobook from Photobook Philippines, which I personally bought in 2010. But before I make the announcement, konting kwento muna about my supposedly 'short' working trip ... READ MORE