AJ’s Cooking


Text and pictures by my Guest Writer: AJ the Hubby, the Baker (and now aspiring Chef too!) and the Gamer. ******************************************************** Over the past couple weeks I've taken a liking to cooking dinner. I once made a Creamy Lemon Garlic Chicken, which I initially paired with rice. I had a lot left over from that, so the next night I cooked a ... READ MORE

Fussili with Bacon, Pesto and Sun-Dried Tomatoes


You all know that I love the the combination of pesto + bacon in a pasta dish.  You can back read on the pasta recipes I've featured in the blog and you will find that these ingredients have been reused so often, hehe! That's because everyone who have tried my pesto bacon pasta think that it is a great meal.  There's a lot of flavors going on in this dish and of course, who ... READ MORE

Dealing with a Preschooler, Discovering a Local Favorite and Shopping Organic Goodies (all in one weekend!)


I was in Cebu last June to visit my family there and to spend quality time with my nephew Liam, who is now 5. What I thought would be a weekend of "catching up" activities with him turned out to be full of drama because we argued (a lot!) while playing games!  He is naturally competitive, and so am I!  Haha! We are still trying to resolve our 'little' conflict. I have ... READ MORE

[A.T.] Happy Garden Cafe


Yesterday was one for the books: we survived an epic Saturday traffic that it felt like Friday all over again(!).  Travel time from Pasay City to Makati took an hour.  We made a short stop at Bel-Air Village (via Jupiter Street) for a delivery I have to make (thank you for supporting the Korean-made Nlighten products that I featured here, of which I am a distributor).  The plan ... READ MORE

A Maitre Chocolatier in Makati

Sweet Ebony

I am not exactly what you call a chocoholic, but I love to have good quality chocolates from time to time. It is my husband who actually loves chocolates (you gotta check out his chocolate cake recipes HERE and HERE), so it was not a surprise that he saw this little chocolate shop along Jupiter Street in Makati while driving, and I (who was on the lookout for a nice dessert ... READ MORE

Casetta del Divino Zelo


If you've been to Ilog Maria's Honeybee Farm in Silang, Cavite then you've probably seen this gated "house" outside Ilog Maria - covered with potted plants and baby trees. Last month when AJ and I went to Ilog Maria to buy more of their natural bee pollen (which we take daily), we made sure to check out this gated "house", which we learned from friends was a little convent ... READ MORE

Food Post: UCC Clockwork


Adventurous coffee drinkers will surely love it at UCC Clockwork in Blue Bay Walk, where coffee is the prized item in the menu.  I find it a tad expensive than our regular UCC (or Starbucks) coffee but I guess it's because what you are essentially paying for here is the way your coffee is prepared.  All coffee orders here are specially made, available in different brewing ... READ MORE

Food Post: Brown’s Gourmet Cafe


Celebration lunch at Brown's Gourmet Cafe. AJ and I were invited to try out selected food establishments at The Portal and The Hub, two (2) of newest dining/retail zones to open at Greenfield District. I've not checked out this place until last Saturday, so imagine my surprise when a saw a new city brimming with excitement and lots of potential! The Portal is a ... READ MORE