Channeling Madonna and the 80’s


Hello, I'm back!   Guess what I did during my month-long absence from blogging? Clue: Our office celebrated its 80th founding anniversary last week, where we had activities lined up for both employees and our stakeholders.  The most anticipated activity was of course the Employees's Night which took place last Friday (May 26) at the PICC.   The theme was the 80's, and ... READ MORE

Delicious Diet PH

Chicken Puttanesca with Brown Rice

I subscribed to @deliciousdietph last June and I'm on my 5th week already of their weekly, 5-day calorie-count meal program @ 1,200 calories per day.  Didn't think I'll last this long! No, I am not dieting.  I simply wanted to eat delicious and healthy food at the office, and to not worry anymore about going to the canteen every lunch hour and brave the long line ... READ MORE

A Spooky Halloween


Our office had its annual trick or treat last week, and I think a lot more kids were spooked this time because there were far more eerie decors set up and some even looked real, pati ako nagugulat! For this year, our group decided to put together ghosts, bats, giant spiders and skulls in a graveyard setting.  The creative team (hi Ricky, Jen, Myrna and Rhea!) made most, if ... READ MORE

Things that occupy my mind lately


A lot of things have been occupying my mind lately, which left me feeling exhausted these past few days (hence the absence of blog updates). First, there's this wonderful proposal to partner up in a business that I am very much interested in - jewelry.  In fact, I already have a  business plan for it, ready to be discussed with my interested partner.  It will be an online ... READ MORE

Coming Up Roses


And just like that, March is over. I am grateful to have survived the 1st quarter of the year in good state, save for the bad flu I caught (with AJ) a week ago and made me miss 1 day of work. Overall, it's been a month full of surprises for me - both at work and here at The Bright Spot.  The announcement at work still surprised me even though I knew about it for months ... READ MORE

Taking a short break…


Hello, friends! I am supposed to write tonight the continuation of our sumptuous luncheon at Ogetsu Hime some weeks ago (read the first part of my food post here) but I am very much distracted with the work I took home (didn't realize it was plenty!) so the second part will come out later this week instead.  I am already halfway done with the office reports in my to-do list ... READ MORE

Baguio in a Jiffy


Work took me to the City of Pines last week.  Oh, how I always look forward to visiting Baguio, because of the weather. Our engagement there was scheduled on a Tuesday, so we all left the office Monday afternoon, arrived in Baguio at half-past 9 in the evening, then went home the following day (Tuesday) after lunch.   I think mas mahaba pa ang traveling time namin kaysa sa ... READ MORE

Happy Trick or Treat!


Happy Halloween, everyone! And because it's trick or treat time, I'm gonna share with you how our own trick or treat at the office went yesterday. While most of the departments in our big office opted to entertain the kids with their haunting Halloween decors, ours decided that there'll be no spooky decors at all; and that we will be having a candy bar or candy buffet, ... READ MORE