Colouring for Mindfulness


I have to confess, the trend of adult coloring books was at first totally unappealing to me.  I mean, I have a lot on my plate already, how can I still find time for this?  Also, they're just 'coloring books' and yet they cost more than P500.00? Crazy, right? Since most bookstores have started carrying these adult coloring books (even occupying most of the display tables and ... READ MORE

Inexpensive Gold at National Bookstore


I almost squealed with delight when I saw this set of gold paper and binder clips at National Bookstore earlier.  Priced at only Php 170.00 (or less than $4.00), these are definitely inexpensive gold nuggets hihi!  Lakas pa maka-Kate Spade! Sorry for the bad lighting.  I took pictures of these right after I got home ('cos I can't wait till tomorrow to share my good ... READ MORE

Beatles Fan Alert!


Don't miss out on these limited edition Hallmark cards that feature the famous lyrics of Lennon-McCartney, the song-writing duo behind the biggest band in the world: The Beatles. I found them by chance at National Bookstore (SM Mall of Asia branch) 2 weeks ago while looking for a birthday card.  There are 6 designs available (at least at this National Bookstore branch), ... READ MORE

An Afternoon of Stationery and Cupcakes


After months of searching, I finally found available Cath Kidston paper products at National Bookstore today! Saw these at their branch in Rockwell Powerplant, but I'm not sure if they're available in their other stores as well: But guess what?  I surprised myself by not buying anything!  Nalula kse ako sa prices nila.  I can't find one that costs less ... READ MORE

Book Launching of “Princess Lea”


Last Saturday, November 17, Dream Big Books launched Princess Lea at National Bookstore - Glorietta 1. Princess Lea, which tells the life story of Ms. Lea Salonga, is the 5th children's book created by Ms. Yvette Fernandez (writer) and Ms. Nicole Lim (illustrator).  All their books are about the inspiring lives of well-known Filipino personalities. Those who have ... READ MORE

Holiday Book Gifts


They say that book gifts are difficult to give.  But I find that to be the opposite because all my friends love to read books!  I can't name one who does not. Even my inaanaks (godchildren) love to read books.  Almost all of them are in primary school now so I think books are something that they will find very useful, especially if they are educational or informational in ... READ MORE