Exploring Kyoto + Osaka, the DIY Way (Day 5)


We spent our last day in Osaka at Universal Studios Japan (USJ).  Despite having explored already some parts of USJ the previous day (see related post here), AJ and I still went there early.  We had a quick breakfast at a McDonald's restaurant we found just outside USJ, before starting our day there. The early morning crowd was kinda thick already - even at 9:00 ... READ MORE

Minions take over McDonald’s!


The Minions are back and they have officially taken over McDonald's! A full Minion experience awaits, as Kevin, Stuart, and Bob - stars of the Minions Movie - bring us the Minions Banana Festival. Get ready to go ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-nana every time you enter a McDonald's store with the new Minions Happy Meal toys - 10 Minions collectibles now available in store - and the Minions ... READ MORE

Weekend Shopping + Food Trip


If you're following me at Instagram (I am @dbrightspot there), then you've probably observed how sipag I was in updating it since yesterday.  That's because I was able to visit my favorite shopping places this weekend and I went home very happy with my loot! This time around, I didn't buy much for myself.  I shopped mostly for Christmas gifts.  My goal is to finish 80% of ... READ MORE

Shabby Chic Haven at Fab Manila


Am sure a lot of you have heard of Fab Manila, a happy place for those who like anything shabby chic, like me  =) Here's their shop at Rockwell Powerplant Mall: Lots of Paper Chic Studio products here!  I immediately spotted their signature paper straws, paper bags and wooden spoons which are prominently displayed here. They're also selling washi tapes at ... READ MORE

Shopping Theraphy + Dim Sum Break


I noticed that my posts on Divisoria shopping, craft stamps and food are getting the most number of hits in my blog, so today's post is going to be all about that!   =) If you've been following me at Instagram (@dbrightspot), you'd know where I was last Saturday.  Yes, I was at my happy place again - 168 Mall haha!  I went with my cousin, Mae Anne, who's become my Divi ... READ MORE