I love discovering and trying out natural/organic skin food products, especially locally made ones, because they really do wonders to my skin.  Some of them have become part in my skincare regimen like the soaps, tea tree oil and massage rub cream from GIGA, bee propolis products from Ilog Maria and the pocket hand sanitizers and hand soaps from Human Nature. Now, I'm happy ... READ MORE

The Business of Fast Fashion


It's the end-of-season sale once again and at Glorietta last weekend, I saw lots of clothing shops on sale frenzy (again!), giving discounts to as big as 70%.  These shops already gave huge discounts in their last summer sale, and here they are at it again. I wonder at how these merchants earn profit.  What's the mark-up then when they can slash prices off to as much as ... READ MORE

Going “Natural” this Christmas


How are you with your Christmas shopping, folks?  Can't believe that we only have one month (and 4 15 days) before Christmas! I'm finally done shopping for my inaanaks last weekend, and have completed wrapping the gifts for my office colleagues.  I actually started last September pa, and every weekend I would look forward to wrapping some gifts for those in my Christmas ... READ MORE

On budgeting household expenses


How do you budget your household expenses?  I do it the very traditional way - through the "envelope system". Yes, these are the actual budget envelopes that I use.  They are made of recycled mail envelopes, prettified with craft papers and alphabet stamps I got from Divisoria last year. I used to have an old set of these envelopes, made also from recycled mail ... READ MORE

How I Shopped for My Insurance Plans


Note:  This is the continuation of my post about life insurance (read the first installment HERE), as part of my personal advocacy to promote awareness in investing for your future.   ******************************** Just a week ago, I was sorting out the bills and receipts for the different insurance plans AJ and I have, and I realized that the aggregate amount of insurance ... READ MORE

Life Insurance is a Liquid Investment


I bought my first life insurance policy when I was 22.  I have to credit my parents for instilling in me (and my brother) at an early age the importance of saving money for the future, and  investing in life insurance.   When I received my first paycheck from my second (and more stable) job, I asked my mom to set me an appointment with our insurance agent from Insular Life (who ... READ MORE