A ‘Haunted House’ for Trick or Treat 2016


It's Trick or Treat time again(!) and those who have been following my blog already emailed me asking when will I feature our office's trick or treat activity hehe! You see, I've been documenting this yearly anticipated activity in our office since 2013 (read my post HERE), and over the years, it has become a highly-anticipated event by the kids because aside from getting ... READ MORE

Trick or Treating with Liam


We had our yearly Trick or Treat at the office last October 29, 2015 and this year's affair was no exception when it comes to pabonggahan (or rather, patakuan) ng decors and candy treats.  Our office also arranged some entertainment for the kids (after their Trick or Treat) which includes a dog show and bubble show, among others. But what made this year's affair ... READ MORE

‘Spicy Mexican Chicken’


This is what my 4-year-old nephew, "Chef Liam", called the dish he cooked for us last weekend, when I made a surprise visit to Cebu: He's into a lot of things these days, cooking included.  Nainggit ako sa cooking tools nya - complete set talaga!   My favorite part of our play time was the "Cooking Show with Liam", where I would play the "program host" while he is the ... READ MORE

A Birthday Celebration at The Ranch Resort and Farm


My sister-in-law Juvvy, of the Mommy Juvs blog, finally wrote about my nephew's 3rd birthday celebration last year (read her kwento here).  This reminded me that I have some photos from that trip as well which I haven't shared with you yet. Here goes my very belated post about my trip to Cebu in October last year: Because Liam loves swimming pools and animals, his parents ... READ MORE

Affordable Book Shopping at Booksale


I had so many things planned out today because it's a holiday (Eid al-Adha).  I wanted to officially start wrapping Christmas gifts (can't wait to use all those washi tapes I've collected these past months!) and prepare the stuff I'll bring to Cebu this Friday for my nephew's 3rd birthday but, while having my late breakfast this morning, I read about the strong earthquake that ... READ MORE

Bonding with the Fam Bam in Cebu


I just spent 3 wonderful days in Cebu for some R&R, bonding time with my parents and brother's family (and it was his birthday last Thursday), and to attend Liam's school program (my first)! The last time I saw Liam was in April.  Although I keep tab of all his developments (thanks to Facebook and emails), I miss bonding (i.e. playing) with him already so when my mom ... READ MORE