Late Post: Shopping in Tokyo


My 5-part Tokyo travelogue is still getting the most number of visits and search hits in the blog (thank you!), and this made me realize that I left one more good stuff to share about that trip - the shopping and my shopping finds! First off, I didn't shop much.  I enjoyed the window shopping, though hehe!  In doing so, I was able to compare prices of the Uniqlo and Muji ... READ MORE

Chocolate Favorites


After writing about the Royce Nama Chocolate, I was inspired to create this collage with all the chocolates I currently love.   They're not much, to begin with, because I am not really what you call a Chocoholic.  But I love having chocolates once in a while, and always with a cup of strong black coffee  =) Here are my current favorites: Royce Nama Chocolate.  My ... READ MORE