Roots Satchel Tribe Bag


Remember the Roots Tri-Fold Clutch Wallet in Tribe Leather that AJ bought for me as pasalubong from his trip in Canada 2 years ago? It has gotten better with age!  After 2 years, it's now sporting a weathered look and a naturally developed patina that is truly beautiful to look at. Just like the wrinkles in the face of a weathered explorer tell a thousand tales, ... READ MORE

How I Shopped for My Insurance Plans


Note:  This is the continuation of my post about life insurance (read the first installment HERE), as part of my personal advocacy to promote awareness in investing for your future.   ******************************** Just a week ago, I was sorting out the bills and receipts for the different insurance plans AJ and I have, and I realized that the aggregate amount of insurance ... READ MORE

Life Insurance is a Liquid Investment


I bought my first life insurance policy when I was 22.  I have to credit my parents for instilling in me (and my brother) at an early age the importance of saving money for the future, and  investing in life insurance.   When I received my first paycheck from my second (and more stable) job, I asked my mom to set me an appointment with our insurance agent from Insular Life (who ... READ MORE

2014 is the Year of the Wood Horse and of Living Smartly

Wooden Horse display at The Ranch in Toledo, Cebu

Kiong hee huat tsai! So how did you spend the Chinese New Year?  We are not Chinese but we celebrated the occasion with pancit for dinner.   There's supposed to be pizza as well from S&R but the line was long and we couldn't wait 45 minutes for that.  Anyway, the home-cooked pancit and hot pandesal were more than enough for us here (that includes me, AJ, my parents and ... READ MORE

Experiencing the Saladmaster Difference (Part 2)

I received lots of good feedbacks about Saladmaster from my previous post which made me really happy because it confirmed my impression on the brand - effective, durable and with highly satisfied customers. Now, are you familiar with the baking soda test?  You can try it at home.    First taste the baking soda (you will find it salty).   Then put a teaspoon of it in your ... READ MORE

Experiencing the Saladmaster Difference (Part 1)

I remember when I was young, my mom would spend so much time at the cookware department of SM perusing their many brands of pots, frying pans and skillets.   She and my dad have invested in high-end cookware items over the years (Tefal is their favorite) and I could see why - it's because cooking for the family is very important to them.   They not only love to cook - they love ... READ MORE

Do you still save up coins?

AJ and I believe in piggy bank savings so we collect, up to this day, the 5-peso and 10-peso coins we get as change. Last Saturday, we counted our first "conjugal" coin savings and collected P2,400, which we deposited later in the bank with our monthly savings  =) How about you?  Do you still save up coins or keep a piggy bank for extra savings?   ... READ MORE