My Key Chains Collection


I'm sure that like me, you receive a lot of key chains as pasalubong from your family, relatives and friends.   Key chains from around the country or around the world in different shapes, colors, and finishing.  Add to these the key chains depicting product brands and well-known characters and personalities that you receive as token or gift.  I love receiving them, especially ... READ MORE

Learning the Art of Calligraphy


I've been a fan of calligraphy since I was I kid.  I have this Speedball Textbook (20th Edition) that I bought with my own allowance which, sadly, I can no longer find (sob!). (Photo source here.) I also saved up for this Parker Calligraphy Set, bought when I was in high school, that I still have to this day. I wish I've kept some of my calligraphy 'doodles' ... READ MORE