A ‘Haunted House’ for Trick or Treat 2016


It's Trick or Treat time again(!) and those who have been following my blog already emailed me asking when will I feature our office's trick or treat activity hehe! You see, I've been documenting this yearly anticipated activity in our office since 2013 (read my post HERE), and over the years, it has become a highly-anticipated event by the kids because aside from getting ... READ MORE

Trick or Treating with Liam


We had our yearly Trick or Treat at the office last October 29, 2015 and this year's affair was no exception when it comes to pabonggahan (or rather, patakuan) ng decors and candy treats.  Our office also arranged some entertainment for the kids (after their Trick or Treat) which includes a dog show and bubble show, among others. But what made this year's affair ... READ MORE

A Spooky Halloween


Our office had its annual trick or treat last week, and I think a lot more kids were spooked this time because there were far more eerie decors set up and some even looked real, pati ako nagugulat! For this year, our group decided to put together ghosts, bats, giant spiders and skulls in a graveyard setting.  The creative team (hi Ricky, Jen, Myrna and Rhea!) made most, if ... READ MORE

A Halloween Gift in January


I don't know if there's such a thing as Halloween gift but sweet AJ gave me a very belated one last weekend: This is from the Halloween Hello Kitty x Funko Mystery Mini series, which was released by Funko sometime in August last year. Sixteen (16) Hello Kitty vinyl figures dressed in colorful Halloween costumes make up this collection.  Funko also chose to dress ... READ MORE

Happy Trick or Treat!


Happy Halloween, everyone! And because it's trick or treat time, I'm gonna share with you how our own trick or treat at the office went yesterday. While most of the departments in our big office opted to entertain the kids with their haunting Halloween decors, ours decided that there'll be no spooky decors at all; and that we will be having a candy bar or candy buffet, ... READ MORE

Wallet-friendly Halloween Decors


Halloween's just a few days away, so I and my office colleagues made use of our afternoon break today to decorate our workplace with happy (as opposed to scary) Halloween decors. We got our Halloween decors at Anding's Toy Shop (Tabora Branch). If only this toy shop is not housed in a really old building with no viable emergency exits, I'd have loved to stay longer and ... READ MORE

Happy Halloween!

Because today's Halloween, I would like to share with you these really big pumpkins I saw in Davao City last week: If only the pumpkins weren't 15kg heavy I would have taken one home to Manila. Tomorrow I'll tell you more about this place in Davao where I found the big pumpkins.  It was teeming with orchid blooms of various colors and sizes.   It's like finding a ... READ MORE