Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

Pretty tea party set-up in a gorgeous Heima desk

If you love cupcakes then you must check out this new place at Glorietta 4 called Vanilla Cupcake Bakery.  But I warn you,  it's not exactly a place where your boyfriend or husband will feel comfortable staying in for long.   The place is too pretty and dainty and very feminine - the kind of place I'll want to hang out with my girlfriends. Let's check out the ... READ MORE

Liam’s Stressful Haircut

Who would've thought that a toddler's haircut can be so stressful? Liam, my adorable 2-year old nephew, was brought to Cuts 4 Tots Hair Salon in Glorietta last December for a much needed haircut.    My brother and sis-in-law tried to get him a haircut in Cebu many times already but all are in vain.  Liam just won't have it. AJ and I tagged along with Liam's lolo and lola ... READ MORE

Personalized Gift Tags

I got ourselves personalized gift tags from Printed Matters (Glorietta Branch), which I think is already cheap at P380.00 for a pack of 32 cards (that's P12 / card).    Each gift tag measures approximately 2.5 inches (width) x 4 inches (length). I love the sweet packaging.  Had I gotten these as gifts to friends last Christmas, I would've saved a lot from the gift boxes and ... READ MORE

Dulcelin Gourmet’s Mango Torte

The famous mango torte of Dulcelin Gourmet is now available at the Glorietta 4 Food Court!   It was a good thing we had our dinner there today, AJ spotted their stall and finally we're able to try the much-talked about mango torte. We took home only the single serving size (P80.00 for a size slightly smaller than a saucer) to sample it... ...and it was gone in 60 ... READ MORE

Our Personalized Notebooks are here!

Last Thursday, AJ picked up the personalized notebooks we ordered from Printed Matters about two weeks ago.   I was at work so I couldn't come with him to pick them up. There were 158 notebooks all in all (this does not count the additional 24 we ordered), and am happy to see them neatly arranged in paper bags when I saw them later in the evening: Here are some of the ... READ MORE

Personalized Notebooks from Printed Matters

Finally, I found the perfect gift for tweenies and officemates:   personalized notebooks from Printed Matters. I was there at their Glorietta kiosk yesterday and there are 3 sizes which you can choose from:  the mini-notebook (P75.00), the medium one (P195.00) and the large notebook which comes with a hard-bound cover (P350.00): I find the small notebook cute, and I like ... READ MORE

Food Post: Go Greek

I have to thank my mom for introducing me to this Greek-Mediterranean food stall located at Glorietta 4's Food Court: AJ and I haven't been to G4's Food Court for a while, and I only came to know about Go Greek when my mom suggested the place for lunch during our regular "bonding/malling" day. I love the clean look and mediterrenean ambiance of Go Greek: My mom and I ... READ MORE

Satchel Bag from Fino Leatherware

I saw this at the Fino store at Glorietta today and the green bag in the middle  made me stop, look and drool! It's a leather satchel bag!   In a very nice green color.   What a beauty! And the price tag?   Less than P15,000 ($349)!   Very reasonable!  What more, it can be purchased thru a deferred payment arrangement (arranged with your credit card, with standard ... READ MORE