Introducing ‘The Kismet Shop’


My sister-in-law Juvvy and I share the love and interest for crystal bracelets.  It was something that we discovered about each other when I noticed her wearing one and then I showed her mine. Since then we been talking about crystal bracelets, and as luck would have it, we have a common friend who shares our love for crystals (and makes them herself too).  Juvvy lamented ... READ MORE

Bensani Charms’s New Lucky Bracelets


Fans of Bensani Charms: check out their latest collection of charm bracelets, pendants and necklaces.  They're all so pretty and colorful and precious and very lucky! They have more faceted-cut beads (of precious and semi-precious minerals and crystals) available this time, and I'm beginning to prefer it over the smooth, round ones because more light is ... READ MORE

The Yellow Energy that is Citrine


We were at Greenhills last weekend, and I couldn't take my eyes off these high-quality, authentic citrine bracelets being sold at my favorite feng shui shop, Bensani Charms: I took photos of the bracelets using my phone (Lenovo K900) and I think I wasn't able to adjust the settings 'cos the citrine beads ended up in deep shade of golden yellow - almost like amber.  In ... READ MORE

Bensani Charms


I was reacquainted with my love with feng shui jewelry when I sat down with Grace (of Bensani Jewelry) over coffee and donuts last month, for a possible collaboration with The Bright Spot. It was my post about feng shui jewelry that brought Grace and I together for this big project, although I knew her for quite some time already because I buy my feng shui charms and ... READ MORE

A Different Kind of “Diamond” Earrings


I've been frequently wearing this 3-year old earrings of mine (that I had custom-made) because of the way they sparkle and shine. Perfect for Christmas! I always get compliments every time I wear this pair.  Others are curious to find where did I find such "yellowish" diamonds, especially the chunky ones in the middle. But guess what?  These are not diamond earrings!  ... READ MORE

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Chinese penmanship calligraphy snake from 123RF

Kung Hei Fat Choi! It's the eve of the Chinese New Year and in a few hours we'll be welcoming the Year of the Snake!   It's my year so let's toast to that! Some two weeks ago, AJ and I were at Greenhills with Frances and Vince (where we found our Union Jack storage chest) and we passed by our suking feng shui store, Bensani, to ask about the lucky elements for this year ... READ MORE

Feng Shui Jewelry

We were at Greenhills last weekend to do some errands, which includes bringing some feng shui bracelets for re-stringing. There's only 1 stall there that I go to for my feng shui bracelets - Bensani Jewelry - which you will find at the pearls section, very near the entrance to the Greenhills chapel. They sell the best-looking charm bracelets in the area, and in ... READ MORE

My Feng Shui Bracelets

I discovered beaded bracelets with feng shui charms thru eBay.   I saw this feng shui seller who piqued my curiosity about DZI bracelets.  I bought a few to see if indeed they will work as my luck, health and money charms hehe. My DZI charm bracelets:   9-eyed DZI with citrine beads, 21-eyed DZI with tiger-eye beads and turtle shell DZI with lapis lazulis. What does ... READ MORE